14-Sep-2021 Site Changes

Good morning! I’ve made the following site changes this morning that hopefully will make things easier and more beneficial to folks. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please either Reply below, or send me a PM.


  1. Email subject prefix changed from “[Unofficial 3D Forums]” to “[U3DF]”. Hoping this will make your Inbox a bit less cluttered.
  2. The topic category has been removed from the Email Subject. Previously Emails sent for notices about threads you’re participating in would show the topic/ forum the topic is in. This can make the Email subject quite long so I’ve stripped this out.
  3. NSFW categories will no longer be part of the digest emails. All of the NSFW categories (#showcase:risque-business, #showcase:risque-men, and #the-dungeon) have been removed from any digest emails. You will still receive emails from these categories if you participate in threads there. They have only been removed from the digests.

If you have additional suggestions I’d love to hear them!


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Just an FYI I’m still seeing the long name in emails.

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Well shit. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.