3D Celebrity Look-a-Likes by Most-Digital-Creations

Celeb Look alike’s, I will update this list as & when new ones become available

CS01 - Megan Fox

CS02 - Kim Kardashian

CS03 - Adriana Lima

CS04 - Gal Gadot

CS05 - Scarlett Johansson

CS06 - Liv Tyler

CS07 - Eva Mendes

CS08 - Emilia Clarke

CS09 - Jennifer Lopez

CS10 - Angelina Jolie

CS11 - Kristen Stewart

CS12 - Jennifer Lawrence

CS13 - Emma Watson

CS14 - Jessica Alba

CS15 - Charlize Theron

CS16 - Pamela Anderson

CS17 - Jessica Biel

CS18 - Kate Upton

CS19 - Mila Kunis

CS20 - Kate Beckinsale

CS21 - Natalie Portman

CS22 - Cameron Diaz

CS23 - Emily Ratajkowski

CS24 - Margot Robbie

CS25 - Cara Delevingne

CS26 - Emily Blunt

CS27 - Miley Cyrus

CS28 - Gigi Hadid

CS29 - Anne Hathaway

CS30 - Sandra Bullock

CS31 - Julia Roberts

CS32 - Daisy Ridley

CS33 - Shakira

CS34 - Alessandra Ambrosio

CS35 - Britney Spears

CS36 - Dakota Johnson

CS37 - Alexandra Daddario

CS38 - Taylor Swift

CS39 - Rihanna

CS40 - Jennifer Aniston

CS41 - Penélope Cruz

CS42 - Amanda Seyfried

CS43 - Blake Lively

CS44 - Beyoncé Knowles

CS45 - Selina Gomez

CS46 - Denise Richards

CS47 - Olivia Wilde

CS48 - Emma Stone

CS49 - Winona Ryder

CS50 - Gisele Bündchen

CS51 - Salma Hayek

CS52 - Keira Knightley

CS53 - Reese Witherspoon

CS54 - Sofia Vergara

CS55 - Halle Berry

CS56 - Juliette Lewis

CS57 - Hayden Panettiere

CS58 - Mila Jovovich

CS59 - Bryce Dallas Howard

CS60 - Drew Barrymore

CS61 - Alexis Ren

CS62 - Anya Chalotra

CS63 - Alicia Vikander

CS64 - Sophie Turner

CS65 - Katy Perry

CS66 - Ana de Armas

CS67 - Michelle Pfeiffer

CS68 - Maya Hawke

CS69 - Kaley Cuoco

CS70- Anna Kendrick

CS71 - Ashley Benson

CS72 - Jennifer Connelly

CS73 - Jennifer Garner

CS74 - Ariana Grande

CS75 - Julianne Hough

CS76 - Valorie Curry

CS77 - Lily Collins

CS78 - Chloe Grace Moretz

CS79 - Phoebe Tonkin

CS80 - Lucy Liu

CS81 - Olga Kurylenko

CS82 - Emma Roberts

CS83 - Jennifer Carpenter

CS84 - Emily VanCamp

CS85 - Lauren Cohen


I’ve always liked his stuff. I wish he sold his stuff at other marketplaces though. I’ve had my card stolen more than once.

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I always use PayPal as its a lot more secure than using my card in general


Great list, thanks for sharing! Might be helpful to link to where the figures can be downloaded maybe? I avoid his site like the plague. It’s so busy and so cluttered I have a hard time finding anything. Can’t tell what’s free, what’s not. No real shopping cart.

I think he (I’m assuming MDC is a guy) would be much more successful if he let Rendo or 'rotica broker his products for him. Or even if he used something like ShareCG since ShareCG now lets you “sell” products through them.

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Adam only sells through his own website,


I find his site very easy to navigate (much easier the sharecg) and he does have a shopping cart. The only thing that you need to remember is that you will get sent an email with the download links.

To navigate his shop just click on the SHOP link then scroll down and click on the category you want, And everything is laid out in a grid type fashion.

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Oh yeah, Adam Thwaites. I remember now. For some reason I was thinking of somebody else.

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I just used one of his models (a raven) to make Home-Schooling uniform t-shirts for my kids.

actual render looked like this: Never Moor Academy Raven_png_icon


“CS72 - Jennifer Connelly” has been added to the list


Most Digital Creations has just released another one :smile:

CS73 - Jennifer Garner

(can’t seem to add it to the bottom of my original post as the edit option has vanished) :thinking:

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Click the three dots:


And you should see a pencil icon to edit:


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Tried that, doesn’t show up

Try it now. There was a max time limit set where a post could be edited. It was set to 43,200 minutes. I’ve disabled it.

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CS73 - Jennifer Garner

Has now been added to the list

Added Ariana Grande to the list


CS76 - Valorie Curry

CS77 - Lily Collins

to the list


Yeah the ladies always seem to get the love when it comes to character re-creations. It would be nice to see more guys out there.


I haven’t been about on here for a while, Other things have occupied my time. But I have finally had the time to update the list with some new entries.

CS78 - Chloe Grace Moretz

CS79 - Phoebe Tonkin

CS80 - Lucy Liu

CS81 - Olga Kurylenko

CS82 - Emma Roberts

CS83 - Jennifer Carpenter

CS84 - Emily VanCamp

CS85 - Lauren Cohen


Welcome back! :slight_smile: