3D Softwares are So expensive?

3D programs are so expensive, and as a 3D designer and Co founder of Software Butterfly, In my begginings I did struggle a lot to find the software I needed with an affordable price. That’s why I created Software Butterfly, It’s an online store where you can find almost every Software you need for your work, studies or business. Hope that’d be a boost for all the creative people. check our website for more infos

I’m curious.

Are you an authorized retailer of these commercial licenses for these Autodesk ,Maxon,SideFX products?

Judging by the prices, no, this is almost certainly a warez site. It is very likely that the advertiser has no right to sell these products, and the software sold is probably pirated and may very well contain malware or other harmful software.

@mjc3d Please re-consider your decision to allow this post. It’s almost certainly advertising a warez site, and is not only illegal but potentially harmful to anyone who is foolish enough to buy from them.

I checked several URL classification databases when I saw the initial post. Neither Google, Palo Alto, or Forcepoint have this site categorized as warez. In fact, it’s categorized as either IT or Computer Software.

If that should change in the future I’ll remove it. But unless someone can provide proof this site is peddling warez I see no reason to remove the post.

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An electronic invoice is accompanied with every software you get from our store, We can also send you the tax id for reliability purposes.

Autodesk Maya &SideFX Houdini come with service & tech support as part of the subscription.

Explain how someone can get such support without buying the software from Autodesk or SideFX?