About the Behind The Art category

Welcome to Behind The Art. A moderated category where U3DF members are encouraged to not only submit their art, but to delve into their process as well.

What inspired the piece? What 3D tools and techniques were used to create it? Were there any unique and unconventional props, figures, lighting techniques? What about post-work?

This is a category designed to help get artists talking about and discussing their art, and for anyone to ask questions.

#NSFW artwork is explicitly allowed here, but must be tagged. Porn is not. If there’s sufficient interest in a 3dx version let me know and I’d love to set something up in The Dungeon for folks!

All new posts are moderated. Please don’t just submit your art and walk away. Please also include a writeup of the piece. Maybe provide some technical details, or details that inspired you. If you just want to submit your art that’s fine too but there are other categories for that. I think this category should be different. :slight_smile: