About the The Marketplace category

If you are a 3D vendor or “published artist” that produces scenes, characters, textures, morphs, scripts, add-ons, animations, pose packs, and more for DAZ Studio, Blender, Poser, Unreal Engine, Unity, and others, you are invited to use this category to post any of your new product announcements!

Feel free to use this space not only to advertise your new releases, independent of all the other marketplaces, and use this as a mean for interfacing with or connecting with any potential customers, or your existing customers!

You have the ability to make your new product announcement as simple or as complex as you want, and can freely upload media or link to videos and other media hosted off-site.

Of course you can include links to the various stores and marketplaces where your products are being sold as well (Gumroad, Blendermarket, ArtStation, Sketchfab, etc.)

Unofficial 3D Forums provides a truly independent resources for 3D artists and vendors to connect and share information and ideas. The fact that we’re not affiliated with any marketplace means discussions here are always free of undue politics and influence. We’re not trying to sell anything and we don’t run a store. We’re 3D artists who are passionate about our art and our medium.

NSFW products must be tagged appropriately (if there’s enough interest we’ll be more than happy to make a NSFW Marketplace category, too) and in accordance with the site’s content guidelines images and media posted here must be SFW. So, if your content has nudity please self-censor and tag the product as NSFW. Thanks!

(If you are a vendor that would like your own Customer/ Product Support area feel free to mesage me or another admin and we’ll be glad to set something up for you.)

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