AI Art are you addicted

I will admit to being totally addicted to Midjourney since I tried it, financial restraints only thing stopping me from getting a $30 a month subscription for now, used up all my $10 one I now cancelled in 2 days plus a $5 metered topup. :rofl:

I noticed on Facebook I am not alone.

It’s like a make art button for cute critters and Eldritch horrors, DAZ still leaves it for dead for attractive realistic people and adult content which is forbidden. The hands OMG the deformed hands. :scream_cat: I dabble with Wombo Dream, Craiyon and Nightcafé a bit for free each day too.

There are lots of other ai art apps out there too.

I haven’t gotten into the AI art craze yet but I have played around with Craiyon.

MidJourney is like a rabbit hole of addiction, I feel like I am having withdrawals after my 2-3 days :hushed:

Facebook is full of my 3D friends using it too, you escaped just in time.