American Dining & Living

Guess what set comes with a couch but has the fucking cushions that are part of the couch so that not only can you not move them (or resize them) but you’re fucking stuck with them whether you need them or not!

Yep! It’s the fucking American Dining & Living set from Tesla3dCorp!

How the hell crap likes this makes it past QA I have no clue.

Also, guess who’s now looking for a new couch to kitbash?

Thank you Tesla3dCorp. Thank you for wasting my time (and a small amount of money).

A lot of sets are crap. But I wish I knew how to model. :frowning:

I will only buy from that vendor heavily discounted, most of their sets explode if you move the timeline scrubber too so need to be resaved with zero frames for animation.

I like the matte, greige coloration of the place. The fireplace texture needs some work. The cushions are scary.