Angel Sera 2022 01

A new series of one of my favorite characters.

Photoshop filter post processing.

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I like the effect/ filter you used/ achieved in post! Very nice!

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I can’t post these on slushe because it might be incest. Since this is one character - She has one consciousness but has two bodies, isn’t it masturbation?

There is nothing in those images that suggests incest in the slightest.

One consciousness and two bodies? That is a fascinating concept though. We’re all familiar with two consciousnesses occupying one body.

Even with conjoined twins that may share a body they’re two distinct consciousnesses.

Masturbation? Maybe? But I’m not 100% sure. Honestly I don’t think there’s a word yet that exists to describe what it would be. Maybe auto-erotic stimulation. Which one could argue is maturbation, but like I said… I’m not sure that would fully capture what you’re conjuring up here.


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I love the filter on these as well, the pictures look fantastic. And I would have to agree, it’s mainly posing and no actual stimulation with each other, and even then there are tons of twins that post the same way. And it is suppose to be the same person so considering this is your storyline (I’m assuming anyway) and this is not not technically real, it can be considered however you like. I don’t think incest is the right terminology for it though for sure.

Welcome back btw! It’s nice to see you posting again.

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