Announcing The Critics Corner

I have created a “Critics Corner” category on Unofficial3DForums for artists who are looking for constructive criticism about their art and their craft. Your NSFW art is welcome so long as it’s tagged appropriately. (Porn however is not.)

Edit: When I originally created the “Critics Corner” I forgot I already had a sub-category created under Showcase called Critical Corner. Oops!

In any event, feel free to use #showcase:critical-corner to post any works-in-progress or any finished works that you’d like honest feedback on. Like I said, #nsfw is welcome in this sub-category (porn is not) but please tag appropriately. :slight_smile:

I have a character I could really, really use some feedback on. He’s going to be a commercial character though and the preview is NSFW. Would I be able to post him in the Critics Corner or somewhere else or would that even be allowed? Thanks :slight_smile:

Absolutely! And sorry for any confusion. Turns out when I made this announcement back in May I completely forgot I already had a sub-category under #showcase called #showcase:critical-corner which served the same purpose.

In any event, #nsfw is fine in that category.