Anyone pick up Azazel?

So I picked up the new character Azazel

and I will just say I am having a hell of a time with him. First off this has already been stated in the forums over at Daz but apparently you need Torment for him to work but that wasn’t stated in the Required items when he was first available (may I say he was a good purchase though because with all the discounts he was under 10 bucks for me so I can’t argue that) But trying add his horns was a pain and then getting the correct color would not work right and then the tail…still had to go into Torment’s stuff to get the tail and then I couldn’t even get the color setting to load off of the character. I am not sure what all is up with this character but man I have never had this much trouble with a character not working properly, usually it’s a “me problem” just not paying attention to how I am applying something, but no stuff is messed up on this for sure.

Anyone else have any issue with this? Character loads fine, Grey color and demon marking and ears load fine…just mainly issues with the tail and horns and getting the overlays and colors to work correctly.

I didn’t buy him since he’s g8.1 and my machine is not robust enough to run 4.15 well.

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One of the things I do quite often is use a different skin and other shaders from other models I have in my Library. You might try that. You can cross-apply any G8.1M material from other G8.1M materials (and probably get away with G8M materials since G8.1M uses the same UV).

You’ll find that some skin just works better under different lighting conditions (HDRI vs. emissive props and primitives for example) and for other reasons too.

Or maybe you want a figure that hasn’t gotten outside much in a year due to a pandemic and therefore has lost their tan?

The best part about this hobby is you can have fun and freely experiment pretty easily.

And if you get the UV pack that swaps UVs between the male and female characters you can even apply female skin to your male characters and vice versa for added variety too.

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