Athletic Bodies Morphs for G8.1M

When this product was first released it was listed for $25.00 (and not on sale) and I thought holy hell that had to be a mistake.

I see now the price has been lowered to $14.50 (still not on sale) and ok, so that’s much better but…

Is it just me or are these shapes just not that appealing?

I can’t be the only one with more than several athletic male characters that I can dial-in and it’s not like there’s not several pretty decent muscle morphs.

I think the product is still overpriced unfortunately. But I hope they make some sales. Lord knows we need more male products.

Also surprised to see a promo image at Renderosity with a very visible male bulge in the jeans of one of the promos. I mean, hello! Guys have bulges too. But I didn’t think Rendo liked them so I was surprised to see that.

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Yeah I agree completely. I had looked at them the other day and though it was rather peculiar that a couple of the renders didn’t seem very clean, and several of them had to many clothes on to even see what the athletic builds actually looks like. The ones that did have their shirts off, a few of them weren’t very athletic really and the ones that were sort of…just kind of seemed proportioned wrong or something, I don’t know something just seemed off about the physical appearance of them for me.

I was like you it just really was not something that screamed I had to have it, now or later really.

I would need to see more. The problem I have with muscles is the increasing difficulty with clothing. I still have an open ticket for the hd morphs causing poke through on clothing for the men, and the more muscles I use the harder it is to clothe them. That said I am always looking for muscle sculpts and would love a single solution. Right now I use bits of different products but a single muscle solution would be awesome. I don’t however think this is that product. The fact that it is concealed in most of the promos make me wonder what exactly I would be getting.

In the clothes where you’re seeing the pokethru, you have to go into parameters, show hidden parameters.

Go into currently used, and find the hidden morphs that have transferred over for the stomach chest and abs and dial them back out. That way the clothes won’t cling or stick to a washboard stomach for example.

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