Awesome releases at Renderosity 2021-04-17

Renderosity has some awesome releases today too!

A t-shirt from DZheng:

Some corn-row dreadlocks from samsil:

And a fully-rigged book!

I think I know where I’m spending my money today. :slight_smile:

Haven’t bought anything at DAZ store for days. I like the Dzheng shirt. It is in my cart.

This Norman Reedus/ Daryl Dixon character from Alibama is amazing. :slight_smile:

Although, it shouldn’t be called a “BBC” but definitely a “BWC”. Holy crap that’s the biggest :eggplant: I’ve seen on a Renderosity product page. Thought I might have been at Renderotica there for a second.


Holy Crap! lol That’s an amazing looking character. I just bought the book and shirt. I have to wait on the character though.

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