Being A Man a Wallpaper

I just wanted to share this wallpaper that I did because well as a gay man I tend to follow a lot of the same types of content and I know a lot of the people I follow also follow the same topic, and sometimes it leads to this feeling that there is this unsaid thing about what men are “suppose” to be, and I personally don’t believe that to be true. My attraction also can very greatly as well, but it does tend to lean more a certain way more so than another but that doesn’t mean I don’t find other types of men attractive. Anyway, I created this as a way to say being a man is more than just what you wear or the things you like and to basically be the man you want to be and don’t let any other person try and tell you how “men” are suppose to act. Toxic masculinity is definitely a thing. Life’s to short to be anything else but yourself.