Best Vampire? Male...human looking

I need a vampire… one that’s more human than monstrous, male…I guess I need the fangs to be easy to display for the image to carry the message.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I probably already own most. Did they make a Fangtastic for post Genesis 2 figures?

Also tears…God, the G3 and G8 geoshell tears might be okay if they weren’t so overdone. Simple tears? That can be changed to blood.

For tears I’ve used this freebie with some success on genesis 8 male. tears for Fears for genesis 8 iray

I did change the texture to something different. I believe mec4d’s silicone shader.

This is useful for making your own vamps

And jack’s alternate pale version is a sexy vamp


Several of the monster/ fantasy head morphs that you probably already own contain teeth morphs.

Have you loaded up G8M and gone to your parameter dials and searched for fangs? Or vampire?