BLOCKED EMAIL/ Signup Problems - Check here if you're having problems signing up!

Signup Problems

If you are having problems signing up for an account one of two things might be going on:

1. Greylisting

A lot of Email providers have implemented an anti-SPAM technique called “greylisting”. This basically means Emails received from a new email address are temporarily held (usually for 15 minutes) before being delivered.

On the back-end what happens is your mail server temporarily rejects our mail on the first attempt, and since mail servers are designed to attempt to re-deliver failed emails we’ll retry to send you that signup email which will then go through on the 2nd try.

This is a normal anti-SPAM technique and in fact our mail servers do the exact same thing for email that we receive!

2. Blocking/ Blacklist

Sometime ISPs and mail server block mail servers outright by actually blocking the server itself, or the “network” that the server is on.

Our mail server,, whose IP addresses are and 2600:3c03::f03c:92ff:fe16:5db5 respectively, has been blocked by several ISPs and mail service providers.

We have reached out to those ISPs and mail service providers when possible and have requested our mailserver not to be blocked but some ISPs and mail service providers do not provide any recourse to us.

When this happens our only recourse (and your only recourse) is to signup using a different Email address.

To be clear, we do not send SPAM. BOFH, LLC is an IT Services/ and consultancy Company. We set up and manage mail servers and websites for our customers (among other things), and have never sent one piece of unsolicited commercial email from any of our email addresses. Ever. We do not believe in unsolicited commercial email, full-stop.

Blocked Email Domains

Emails from us, to the following domains, are being refused. Please sign up again using a different Email provider:

  • - This ISP is rejecting our email and does not provide us with any way to contact them to lift the blocks.
  • - This ISP is blocking our emails.
  • - This ISP is blocking our email.

You will not be able to use an account from any of the domains listed above to signup or register an account here at U3DF.

This post will be updated regularly.