Chrissy Desktop

Another ineligable work.

Chrissy is a modified Charlotte 8 with a SkinBuilder skin Breastacular - note the way the right breast doesn’t intersect the arm it’s touching. Classic Bikini Bottom Fiesta Shoes Alyssa hair lighting is a distant light and point light

postwork is the background image (Copyright info: copyright 2019 D. Brent Walton. This/These image(s) may be used for commercial purposes with modification as part of your own artwork.)

Additonal postwork includes niktools bleach bypass - kinda my signature thing Fotosketcher to add some brushstrokes and soften the 3d art look an outer glow just to bring the model out of the background

This is rendered at a size suitable for a 4k desktop wallpaper.

Chrissy is a vampire who has natural surgically enhanced breasts - seems an oxymoron, but consider what happens when a vampire regenerates flesh that is held apart. Chrissy is also a trauma surgeon specializing in brain injuries, so shes the full package if you can get past the fact that she might kill you. She has attachment issues, so a long term relationship isn’t really in the cards.

Chrissy is a major character in my novel/collection of interrelated short stories “LITE NITE BITES”

How do you stop a vampire trauma surgeon from drinking the blood?

“We’re gonna need a hundred pints of type O-positive, stat.”

“A hundred pints? For one patient?”

“I didn’t say it was for the patient. The O-pos is for me. I’ve got a thirst on like you wouldn’t believe. The patient’s B-negative, so you should probably lay in, oh, six or seven pints for them. Make sure they’re labeled properly so I don’t get them mixed up.”

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