Clothing Issue with New Character

Hey guys I have a question I don’t know if anyone has experienced this. So that character I had shown in the other forums Trenton. Well I hadn’t tried any clothes on him because well, mainly he was just a head sculpt and slider body morph for the most part. But today I went to put some clothes on him and nothing seemed to auto-fit for some reason (I had also tried to unparent to none and then refit to him and same result, he was saved under scene for this go round so I am not sure if that has some play in it as well). I am not quite sure why as the body itself was not sculpted in the least, so does anyone have any insight to why that may be? Pants and everything just seem to wide and high and shirts it nothing just conforms like it should. Just a bit baffled really.

I’m assuming you used Morph Loader Pro to load your face morph and created a new parameter dial with the morph? That shouldn’t have affected the rigging and weight mapping of the figure.

When you dial-in your morph do the proportions of your figure change? I wonder if you haven’t accidentally tweaked something there.

But honestly I have no idea. I’ve only created little morphs here and there. I’ve never had things affect autofit. Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in. :slight_smile:

What version of studio do you use Garebear? One of the reasons I stopped using G8.1 was that autofit would not work well, and would not save.

Well I am using 4.15 but the charter I was working with is just a G8M. I only shaped the head, brought the morph back in nothing else was touched. I just used sliders to shape up the body after it was back in DAZ so there shouldn’t have been any reason for autofit not to work unless I missed something but I was following along with a few tutorials so who knows. I’ll have to play around this weekend some more. I’m just happy that it turned out at least the way it did, I think it looks fairly descent for my first attempt at sculpting.

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Yeah, I had difficulty with 4.15 autofit. There was a bug. IT would unfit itself when I reloaded a scene and be near the character.

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Like @mjc3d was suggesting, I’d look at your head morph first to see if its vertices are affecting the overall body. One way to do this is to load in G8M and just dial in his head. Then go to the Parameters Tab and go into edit mode (right-click anywhere in the Parameters Tab to bring up the option).

Make sure the Geometry Editor Tool is selected. Then, right-click on your custom head morph and chose “Select Morph Vertices”. The viewport, regardless of how it was before this, will now zoom in to show just the head if those are the only vertices associated with your custom morph. If the view shifts to reveal more of G8M’s body, then your sculpt is affecting more than just his head. There is a way to fix that within Daz Studio, but I won’t go into it now if that’s not the problem.


Thank for the feedback. When I do this, nothing selects at all and nothing zooms in so I’m not quite sure what the deal is on that. To be honest with you I have never used that before so it could be user error. But I loaded an alternate figure as well and did the same process and got the same result, no yellow dots appeared…the camera switched to the other figure as well but same effect. So I am not sure. I will be playing in blender again and trying some different things, and work on a body morph anyway so I will just see when I do all that what comes from it. Thank you, I do need to figure out how and why that isn’t showing up for me though.

One other thing to check(and I forgot to mention it because I always have it selected by default) is in the Tool Settings pane that this is the active selection:

Other than that, I have no idea why nothing showed up. :man_shrugging:t2: Sorry.

Ah hah! Yep that was it. Nope looks like it was just the head that was selected it doesn’t show anywhere else highlighted

Well, that’s good in that it shows the head morph isn’t affecting anything else. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help narrowing down why fitting clothes has become so wonky.