Convulsing figures when moving

Another request for help from you Daz Studio gods!

I get really frustrated with Daz when I spend a long time posing two models and then suddenly changing one part of their anatomy causes the whole figure to contort suddenly in a very extreme way.

For instance I have a figure who is kneeling down and bending over slightly. I grab their hand to move it in the scene and the slightest adjustment of the hand causes the character’s waste to bend and twist completly out of pose.

Another example of this is having two characters in a scene who I’ve posed and decide I need to move their position in a scene. I create a new ‘group’ to be the parent of both figures and then move the group around the scene so that they should move together as one maintaining their reletive positioning to one another. However while the do both move as one they still seem to shift position relative to each other also (only a little but enough to ruin the pose) and/or one of the figures will do the contortion thing and their pose is completely ruined.

I have found that pinning the figure’s shoulders some times helps in the first instance (although if you want to move their torso you can’t have their shoulder’s pinned). The second issue I have no solutions for (other than attempting to move the whole scene around the figures but with lighting to take into account too this is not that easy).

Do any of you have any tips for me for how to pose figures without these issues occurring?



Two suggestions.

  1. Stop dragging the body parts in the viewport window and install and/ or activate the PowerPose tab if you don’t already have it. It sounds like you’re using the Universal Tool.
  2. Next to that get comfortable with the different posing parameter dials.

Both of them will give you much greater control.

Scripts such as Pose Fusion and others can also help quite a bit, too.

If you want to drag the individual bones in the Viewport window, get comfortable with the Rotate (Alt+Shift+R) and Translate (Alt+Shit+T) tools and alternate between them.

Second to last, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. In other words, pose your feet first, then lock those body parts. Select the toes, metatarsals, feet, ankle, and lower leg and go to Parameters → Display → Selectable in Viewport → Off

Then when you’re happy with that, move up to the upper-leg/ thigh, followed by hip, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, chest. Then when you have the torso posed and the bones locked, THEN you can move outwards and pose the collar, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, etc.

You get the idea. That will give you the most control and the most freedom while ensuring you don’t accidentally tweak something you’ve set.

And last, that’s what the parameter dials are for! There is a popular PA at DAZ that produces most of the pose sets that you see of figures interacting with other figures. I asked him once what his secret was and he told me, “dials”. Use the dials. And he’s got a point!

Also, check out Zev0’s store at DAZ3D for more useful utilities.

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