Cruising...? (Spring Fling Entry 1)

Ok… so, I guess I need to tell you what’s in here Genesis 3 Males, Morphs are from Coen by MaleM3dia, Agent Hair, Sneakers by IH Kang from H&C Short Casual A, Real Hairy and Oh My Body Hair mix, Dicktator and Texture Master (yes, I’ve broken down and started making it work for me); Extensive use of Ultimate Pose Master and Ultimate Iray Skin Manager, Auto Portrait Lights (Mike D), Iray Light Manager, rendered to layers, postwork via PhotoShop and Niktools (Compositing, blending, filtering), oh and Condominium Locker Room by Tesla3D

Did I miss any of the contest rules?


The rules are all covered: One model, fully contained in the shot, wearing at least one article of clothing, check. List of assets, check postwork listed, check

Gonna re-upload soon… I noticed a small inconsistency that simply can not stand.

add a signature if there isn’t one I’m not seeing

No, there wasn’t one… Everything the same, but added signature and adjusted the pose to prevent floating elbow and bicep clipping.