DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 28, 2021

DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 28, 2021

Today’s Promo: Yet another catch-up sale.

Today’s Releases: Poses for guys, a kitchen, a nyEf, silk shaders, fantasy hair, fantasy dress, automobile poses, and an urban street scene.

Todays’ Song: “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams

Still Standing Poses for Genesis 8 Male

This is a set of 30 solo standing generic and model poses for G8M from Faber Inc.

If you don’t have very many pose packs for G8M then this is a nice set to have. But if you already have more than 10 or so pose packs for G8M then odds are you already have poses that look very similar in your Content Library. I use pre-made poses as starting points to get my figure generally placed and articulated where I want them to be and then spend a few minutes tweaking the poses to get things just right.

Remember, pose packs should be your starting point. Not your end result. And any pose pack, when combined with a pose randomizer script, can quickly turn any pose into something unique.

A good buy.

Hampton Kitchen

This is a simple kitchen set/ environment from Tesla3dCorp.

It’s a square kitchen with four-walls, a floor, and a ceiling. A couple of windows, doors, table, cabinets, stove, and skink are also included.

Honestly, I’m more interested in the cups, plates, saucers, and bowl accessories than anything else.

I’m going to have to pass on this one and I think you should, too.

Here’s the problem with these simple one set scenes: They’re fine if all you want to do is render a figure in a kitchen. And if that’s what you want to do then these sets are perfectly fine for that. The challenge happens when you set your imagination free and want to render something else.

Let’s say you want to render a shot through an open door. Good luck rendering the other side of the wall and that door jamb.

What if you want to render a scene where a figure is carrying a turkey dinner from the kitchen into a dining room? Where’s the dining room? So now you have to find a dining room that matches. Good luck with that.

Instead of spending money on this, just find a set or environment that has a kitchen, dining room, and potentially a living room. At least then you would have much more flexibility in what you can render.

I’m passing.

Wenisha HD for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female

Oh look, another new, young, European, female character from Arki, and RiverSoft Art.

This a a fantasy type female character with a separate body & face morphs, HD details for body & chest. She has full materials (including genitals), a variety of color and makeup options for lips, face, eyes, and body; including glitter and glossy effects.

You know my routine when it comes to new female characters, and I simply don’t do fantasy renders, but I’m staring at the promo pic for this figure without the hair, wardrobe, and makeup and … wel … I like her. I mean, the fantasy elements are really turning me off, but she’s a nice figure on her own.

I’m going to add her to my wishlist or it depends on how cheap she is if I add her to the cart today. LOL!

Ornamental Silk Shaders for Iray

This is a pack of 60 silk Iray shaders for Studio from AHArt.

Includes 20 patterned and 40 plain Iray shaders that can be applied to any Iray surface. Also includes 10 tiling utilities.


Lady of Mists Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female

This is a long, braided, hair wig for G8F and G8.1F figure designed to work with the Wenisha character from Arki, RiverSoft Art, and Shox-Design.

Includes several dozen movement and adjustment morphs, and many texture options. It’s dforce enabled so it should look quite natural on any of your figures and their poses.

It is a very specific piece that really only makes sense when it’s been paired with the Wenisha character.

It’s a no for me, but if you do fantasy renders and are getting Wenisha then it makes sense to get her hair as well. :slight_smile:

dForce Lady of Mists Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

This is a fantasy ensemble from Arki, RiverSoft Art, and Shox-Design.

Multiple pieces can be freely combined to achieve just the right look for your Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 ladies. The outfit pieces have been set up to include individual moveable parts that can be adjusted and styled before and after a dForce simulation.

Additionally, you get a full range of texture sets — 8 in total. These can be enhanced with vibrant color and glitter overlays, which can be altered in coloration in strength through a custom-tailored Color Effects script created by RiverSoft Art.

To provide easy starting points, a number of wearable presets have been provided that allow easy loading of multiple outfit pieces at once. Hierarchical material presets make loading the included 8 material sets available through a single click.

This is a highly detailed outfit that can be made as simple or as complicated as you want it. Unlike the hair, which I firmly believe should be paired with the Wenisha character, this fantasy outfit can be worn by any of your characters.

The outfit includes a TON of movement and adjustment morphs in addition to being dforce enabled. It also includes backdrapes, bracerrings, bracers, a separate collar, corset, frontdrapes, frontloin cloth, shin coverings, shoulderdrapes, and a skirt.

Majestic GT Poses for Genesis 8

This is a pose set for your G8F and G8M characters and the Majestic GT vehicle from mossberg.

The Majestic GT vehicle is an Aston-Martin DB5 clone straight out of James Bond, and this pose set places your male and female characters into the driver (and passenger) seats.

It looks to be a pretty complete set. Driving poses are naturally included, but so are several poses outside the vehicle such as with the bonnet propped-up looking at the engine, and a male & female couple sitting in the boot of the car presumably waiting for the AA to show up.

Z Urban Street Scene Essentials

This is a pack of urban street props and accessories to dress your scenes from Zeddicuss.

Ever notice that most street scenes and sets for sale on DAZ appear so empty? Have you ever seen the backlot at Universal or Paramount Studios? Their backlots look quite empty too when they aren’t filming. It’s the job of the set designer and prop department to supply all the necessary bits and bobs that make a street scene appear natural.

That includes trash, fire hydrants, mail boxes, trash cans, and other debris from our daily lives.

You as the 3D artist need to do the same. Unless you’re explicitly going for a clean and sterile environment. The fact is, life isn’t clean, and life isn’t sterile though.

This is a must buy package if you want to add a sense of realism to your already sterile scenes. :slight_smile:

And you thought making 3D art was the result of pushing Render and being done? Muhahahahaha!

Well that’s it for today. I hope you’ve found this useful. Please let me know what you think!

Have a great day everybody!