DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 30, 2021

DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 30, 2021

Today’s Promo: Going Mad

Today’s Releases: A 1940s Land Rover, dragging poses, a hacker bunker, sheer lace iray fabrics, sitting poses for g8f, a sharp ensemble for g8f, a courtyard environment, shoulder length straight hair, a nyEf, and gothic lights.

Todays’ Song: “Childhood” by A State of Mind (ASM)


A Land-Rover Series II vehicle from Odyssey, RedCrow3DArt, and Sade!

Virtually indestructible and able to go where few vehicles could have traversed before, this RHD 4WD became a staple of wars and explorations across the globe.

Available in various shades of green, the vehicle is quintessentially British and is recognized the World over.

Vehicle features movable tyres, doors, and steerage. It doesn’t appear that the bonnet opens however.

Versatility for Dustmaster

Alternate materials for the Land-Rover Series II vehicle from Odyssey, RedCrow3DArt, and Sade.

Seven new textures and materials for the Land-Rover vehicle released today.

Dragging People Poses for Genesis 8

This is a set of poses and scripts to apply dragging poses and expressions to your Genesis 8 figures throughout your scene from atrilliongames.

Includes 24 separate poses and scripts to apply the poses to one or more figures in your scene. The included expressions will not work with G8.1 figures, but the poses will.

This appears to be a comprehensive and interesting set.

FG Hacker Bunker

This is a hacker-style bunker/ hideout from Fugazi1968 and Ironman.

This is a cool looking cypherpunk, Mr. Robot type environment for your blackhat criminals and your scenes!

This small bunker building features a large desk and rows of monitors and computers. The Iray lighting is a bit harsh and weird to me. But this looks like a decent set for sure. I’ve got some ideas.

I can’t tell if it has a door and that’s triggering my OCD. I think there’s a door behind the green fabric on the wall but I can’t tell and the promo images are inconclusive. So help me if this room doesn’t have a door I’m going to go mad!

Sheer Lace Fabric Iray Shaders

This is a set of sheer lace Iray shaders for your fabrics from Nelmi.

Includes 45 patterned shaders, and 15 tiling options.

A useful pack since it easily lets you re-texture your entire wardrobe quite easily!

Sitting Fashion Poses and Chairs for Genesis 8.1 Female

A set of poses for your G8 female sitting on various surfaces from Val3dart.

25 poses (with mirrors) are included here, as well as 3 different chair props with 5 different material options for each chair (15 total).

A comprehensive set for your female characters and to add a little style to your renders!

KathyM Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

This is a cute mini skirt/ bodysuit ensemble for G8 women from Nathy.

It features a separate jacket, skirt, boots, bodysuit, and gloves. Feet poses are provided for the boots. The bodysuit has 4 different material options, where the skirt and jacket have 3. There is also a wide assortment of movement and adjustment morphs included for the individual clothing pieces.

dForce support is not listed which is a huge disappointment. The jacket and skirt should be dforce enabled.

Rustic Place

This is a small corner outdoors courtyard set/ environment for your renders from JeffersonAF.

Only two walls and a floor are included, as well as trees, benches, and other vegetation so your render angles are going to be limited. The walls appear to be separate items so it should be fairly easy to copy and move them to add additional walls should you want to.

If you need an outdoor setting for your figures then this is a good bet.

Includes a brick wall, bench, background, grass, ivy, lamp post, leafs, paving, pillar, trees, vase, water (on the ground).

Flora Hair For Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female

This is a shoulder-length straight-hair wig for G8 females from WindField.

It includes a large assortment of style, movement, and adjustment morphs, and has 30 hair material options, 4 hair backlight options, and 3 specular options.

There is no dForce support.

I do not recommend purchasing any medium-long hair that does not have dforce support.

Vo Athena for Genesis 8.1 Female

Oh look, another new, young, European, female character for G8 and G8.1 female from VOOTW.

This is a full-character preset. Separate head and body morphs are not provided. Includes base material, 6 eye colors, 6 fingernail materials, 6 lip colors, and 12 blush materials for her face.

Genital maps are not included.

Muelsfell Gothic Lights and Lamps

This is a set of several different gothic candles, gas, electric, and oil lights and lamps to dress and light up your scene from E-Arkham.

Includes: candles, gaslights, electric light for hanging lamp, lantern, oil lamp, wall lamp, and more!

You never can have enough lights to dress up your scene. Lights add a necessary mood and ambience to your scenes.


That’s it for today folks! I hope you’ve found this useful. I appreciate all of your thoughts and comments on this, both good and bad!

Until next time, please take care of yourself and your neighbor.


Todays sale is $ off daz originals based on how many you buy - up to $20 off each of 5 items if you buy 4 new items.

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And yes, that’s a passageway behind the curtain, but, its modeled as part of the wall so you cannot remove the curtain and see the passageway - the passageway ends in a dead end 10’ later. No door there.

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I like Atrilliongames poses. I buy them all. I do wish alternative to scripts options were included with them though. The scripts don’t work in my version of DAZ studio, and I must bore down to the original files to locate them. With the way the scripts work and break with new versions of studio having poses that are applied via script seems problematic.

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