DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 31, 2021

DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 31, 2021

Today’s Promo: “Aren’t You Looking Dapper, Today?”

Who talks like that any more? :laughing:

Today’s Releases: Well this is a big one! (That’s what she said!) … We’ve got Sycamore trees, new flying surfboard, male hair, a female ensemble, sconces, a unisex outfit (but technically aren’t all DAZ outfits unisex with autofit?), ancient paths, another unisex outfit, gender-fluid poses, an androgynous/ gender-fluid character, and androgynous hair.

Todays’ Song: “Ren Lenny Ren” by Acda en de Munnik

The Greenwood Vol 1 Sycamore Trees

This is a set of various Sycamore trees for you to dress up your outdoor scenes. It comes to us from MartinJFrost.

This includes 27 realistic models of sycamore trees, 6 material presets (they work on all models to control season and leaf cover), and 5 scene subset groups of instanced trees.

They are medium resolution models.

ATVE Mods - SOA Board for Genesis 8

This is a re-release of sci-fi sky surfer board from Kara Pitat that was originally released back in December. It was pulled shortly thereafter and has now been re-released.

It comes in three distinct different styles and includes a helmet (with HUD), full-body poses for G8M and G8F and separate lower body poses for the feet and legs. Several different material options are provided including new and worn metal, new & worn paint, as well as various emissives.

dforce Rogue Waves Hair for Genesis 8, Genesis 8.1 and Genesis 3 Males

This is a dforce enabled male wig for G8 and G3 males from chevybabe25.

Includes 11 shaping morphs in addition to dforce, and 32 different materials (and separate streak options). Hair thickness and tinting options are also provided.


Draculita for Genesis 8 Females

This is a three-piece gothic ensemble (jacket, pants, boots) from 4blueyes.

Three material options are provided: red leather, black leather, and Draculita which appears to be shimmering red.

Promo page says G8.1F only but I wouldn’t see why this wouldn’t work with G8F.

B.E.T.T.Y. Spanish Revival 02 Sconces

This is a set of 14 candle sconces from B.E.T.T.Y. to dress up your scenes.

Includes 14 different sconces, candles (with flame), and brass, bronze, and iron material options.

Perfect for your medieval or olde village renders!

dForce Style Goals Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1

This is a six-piece unisex ensemble release from Arien, Barbara Brundon, and Umblefugly.

It includes pants, shirt, ring, glasses, suspenders, and shoes; is dforce enabled, and includes several movement and adjustment morphs for each wardrobe part to make the individual pieces fit better on your figures.

Promo page lists compatibility with both G8 and G8.1 male and female characters.

Path Between Walls

This is an outdoors modular set/ environment of a path/ walkway and walls from JeffersonAF.

Includes 17 different stone pavers and wall props, columns, floor, ivy, grass, trees, walls, and more. Also includes 8 cameras, a background, and Sun.

It’s not a huge set out of the box. But the pieces are there for you to build on the foundation that’s been provided to you and to expand it in any way you want. All the pieces are module so the set can be infinitely expanded, or the pieces kitbashed into something else.

Perfect to have your figures to explore in!

dForce Dapper Fluid Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1

A unisex five-piece ensemble outfit from 3D-GHDesign, Barbara Brundon, Sade, and Umblefugly.

Includes pants, shirt, vest, jacket, and shoes; is dforce enabled, and includes several movement and adjustment morphs for each wardrobe part to make the individual pieces fit better on your figures.

Promo page lists compatibility with both G8 and G8.1 male and female characters.

dForce Dapper Fluid Textures

A set of 11 alternate materials for the Dapper Fluid Outfit from 3D-GHDesign and Sade.

Includes autumn, casino, casual, plaid, salmon (in many variations), sparkling and sport.

Feeling Dapper Poses for August 8.1

This is a set of 20 full-body unisex poses from Ensary.

10 masculine and 10 feminine poses are included.

dForce Style Goals Outfit Textures

A set of four (and glasses) alternate materials for the dForce Style Goals Outfit from Arien.

Four additional coordinated materials are provided, and a color coordinated glasses frame is provided as well.

August 8.1

This is a new cross-gender androgynous character for G8.1 male and female from Morris and Thorne.

The promo renders don’t do this figure justice. I swear DAZ has a pathological aversion of anything masculine! I spent 30 minutes struggling looking at these promos trying to come up with something to say about this release that was positive. I was so happy to see this release this morning because finally some diversity. Not just because these are androgynous or trans figures but diversity in the sense that this isn’t another new, young, European, female character for a change!

Then I looked at the promos and I was gutted. The promo images show the same feminine face slapped onto the masculine body! A man or woman, depending on when they transition, might present themselves more masculine or feminine than they’d like. The older a person transitions, the more permanent features from their assigned sex at birth might be, and when I started scrolling through the first few sets of promo images let’s just say the results are not pretty especially when you look at the list of included morph dials and one of them says, “More Masculine”.

So shame on me for not actually looking through all of the promo images because tossed-in the middle are some clear representations of masculine woman and feminine guys.

Thank you, DAZ.

Because this release is fantastic.

It’s not a Barbie pinup. It’s not a new, young, European, female. The 3DX artists aren’t going to want to slap a huge futa dick on the chick and give her huge bazongas.

But for the very small portion of your customer-base that is trans/ LGBTQ, who want to render characters that represent themselves, todays’ release is fucking awesome.

And this is why it’s so important to have diversity with the figures, even if they don’t sell. Because the World is not made up of only European females, and there are 3D artists around the World and they deserve to be able to render figures and characters that look like themselves, too.

Maynard Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males and Females

An androgynous hair wig for G8/ G8.1 male and female characters from DerelictMonster, and Propschick.

How is this different than 95% of the male hair DAZ has released over the past several years though? Because, male hair that is released by DAZ is notoriously androgynous to begin with! :laughing:

Couldn’t resist.

No dForce.

It includes several different movement and adjustment morphs and 15 material/ color options.

Well that’s it for today. A nice release today only in the fact that it was nice to not see so many Barbie pinup characters and hair and outfits.

I’ll admit I took a little longer putting this together this morning because I honestly didn’t know how I felt about everything. That and my lights have been flickering on and off most of the morning thanks to some severe storms that are moving through.

But DAZ did alright this morning, and maybe that’s because I’ve got the bar set so low that when they do something different it is genuinely such a shock.

I dunno.

What are your thoughts on todays’ releases?

I bought the bundle. It maybe until this afternoon that I test it.

The style goals looks designed for g8f to me. It has a very high waistline which indicates a Female port. I am curious how it will look on the men. I generally hate high waisted clothing on dudes though

I admit to wondering if some contents from this may have been from a nerd type bundle. The style goals and Maynard hair seem to indicate that. It wouldn’t be the first time the store throws stuff together to sell a bundle that were designed for other uses.

Most of the pics of Maynard hair are shown from the sides and the look from the front concerns me slightly. I will see whether like it.

The business casual suit I can’t tell until I try it. It reminds me of mom wear so it may look better on the women. It lacks detail and all the textures for it are mostly on female figures or female appearing figures so I guess this is another female developed release with a male fit added.

August 8.1 looks better with other characters dialed in. I generally don’t care for Thorne characters since they look childlike to me. I think the leading promos do not do it justice.

Overall I have a we will have to see until I try it. The set cost 27 dollars and with a 20 dollar coupon tomorrow, maybe it will have a few good things inside.

I will try it this afternoon and see how I like it.

Oh on an added note, I find it interesting that the store has August classified as female.

The high waist is a dead giveaway. Fortunately “fit control” can help fix some of that by moving the waist down a bit. I’m not surprised August is classified as female. I thought it was basically a female character too at first.

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I’m returning it. The only piece I vaguely like is “style goals” but there is breast pooch in the suspenders, hip pooch in the pants, and it is clearly just a retooled female set. I might buy it again, for women or genderfluid. The glasses are cute.

The hair doesn’t work in my version of iray, and the Dapper Fluid outfit, looks poochy and awful.

I won’t use it, so I’m returning it.

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are you having problems with the suspenders as well ? cannot get them to not intersect with the shirt at all?

The suspenders did seem to both cup where the breast area was and then cut into the lower part of my figure’s shirt. Since It just fit odd, I returned it, with the rest of the bundle.

the only criticism I have is they look very young and due to the gender ambiguity very much like underage/tween girls in some promos at least, bare chested underage/tween girls, while I understand this is not the intention it’s bit disingenuous with their no bare shoulders policy.