DAZ 3D March Madness for March 11, 2021

DAZ 3D March Madness for March 11, 2021

Today’s promo is “Some Devlish Piercings”.

First up today is a poseable high-back gusseted leather office chair from Zeddicus with leather-wrapped aluminum arm rests and poses for your G3 and G8 male and female figures.

Featuring over 70 different poses, and posable individual casters, as well as morphs to adjust the seat depth and back height. This prop comes in five separate Iray shaders and features 8K texture maps. Buying!

Next up is a business casual outfit for G8M from Romeo. Featuring a tucked tee-shirt and non-pleated slacks this two-piece outfit tee comes in several different pastel colors, as well as grey, white, and black, with several different contrasting dark colors for the pants. It also features an un-tucked morph, and super baggy morph for the tee as well.

Shoes aren’t included, and you’ll probably want to pair this with Sickelyield’s pants masculinizer for G8M for some added realism. Buying!

Next up are some printed textures and alternate materials from Romeo for the Tucked Tee above.

Featuring bold and vibrant prints and patterns, this add-on pack complements the tucked-tee outfit quite nicely. Buying!

Next up are some “Vans” inspired sneakers from 3dstyle for both your female G8 and G8.1 characters.

Featuring a wide assortment of textures and shaders, and morphs for the sole, these sneakers will be a welcome adddition to anyone’s Content Library. Buying!

Next up is a gothic makeup pack for your G8 male and female characters from Neikdian.

Featuring large and exaggerated swathes color spread on your characters’ face and body this pack, as well as different materials for eyes, toenails, eyeliner, and more this pack will add some sharp features to your figures.

This is a no for me because I don’t do these types of renders, but this looks like a good pack. Pass!

Next up is face and head piercing pack from Neikdian for your G8 male characters.

Featuring several different piercing styles ang guages for you character’s nose, chin, brow, lips, and ears, this pack will complement your fantasy and punk characters quite nicely.

This is a no for me because I don’t do these types of renders, but this looks like a good pack. Pass!

Next up is an outfit that looks like it came right out of a Real Housewives of Atlanta episode from Arryn and Onnel.

The outfit comes in several different styles from open and revealing bodysuit, pantsuit, short suit, bikini, one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, and more and features several different bold animal, floral, and neon colors.

It also has a necklace and several different bracelets.

This is a maybe for me. Or at least a “let’s add to the wishlist in the event this goes on clearance” type of thing. Maybe!

Next up is a video tutorial from Digital Art Live and Jericho Hill Publishing that teaches artists solutions for consistent artwork styling.

I have a couple of DAL’s tutorials I have purchased over the years, and they are usually pretty good. He does a pretty good job asking pertinent questions of the presenter and driving the video session forward.

This is going to be a no for me as I really don’t have a use for this specific tutorial, but if you are interested in learning the difference between abstract and realism or other painting and illustrative styles then this may be a good one for you! Pass.

Last is a spidey pose-set for your G8 female characters from Ensary.

This pose set features 20 different predatory poses for G8F of her crouching, crawling, and hanging upside down.

This is going to be a no for me as I really don’t have a use for these types of poses but Ensary usually produces some very good pose packs so if they fit your style, you won’t go wrong picking this up! Pass though.

And that’s it for today.

So this is like the 2nd or 3rd post I’ve done in this format. As always please let me know what you think!

And thank you for reading.

I appreciate the verbose commentary in this style of post over the simple list.

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I will buy the dforce Tucked Shirt outfit. I admit the fit of the pockets in the pants looks a bit off to me, but I otherwise like it.

There’s pocket morphs. I’m finishing a render with them right now.

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awesome. Its in my cart, and it would be nice if the pockets could look less like extra hip at the waist.

Looks pretty normal to me.

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Thanks for the screenshot!