DAZ 3D March Madness for March 12, 2021

DAZ 3D March Madness for March 12, 2021

More elven magic. Today’s promo is “She’ll Put A Spell On You”.

First up is a new, young, elvish, female character for G8F and G8.1F from Dmitry Prozorov and Eduard Oliver. Other than the angular face and elf ears, I already have this character’s body and shape. And I have at least (2) other female characters with quite similar faces. But if you’re into elves she’s fine. She does include genital textures if you need that.

I do love her eyebrows. But she’s a no for me. Pass! (I don’t render elves or fantasy scenes.)

Next up is some long straight hair with bangs for G8F from HM.

The hair goes all the way down the figures’ back and comes with a wide assortment of natural and unnatural colors and shades. It also includes a horned headdress.

This is going to be a no for me too. dForce or not long hair is a royal pain in the ass to work with anyway and I don’t really do fantasy types of scenes. Pass!

Next up are some spell caster animation sequences for G8 male and female characters from ThreeDigital.

Five animation sequences are included to pose and animate your figures to cast a spell. Wingardium leviosa!

Going to be a pass for me. I don’t render fantasy/ magic scenes but I’m certain it would be useful for you if you do. Pass!

Oh look, we have yet another new, young, European, female character for G8F from Sabby/ Seven.

She’s young. She’s cute. She’s got elf ear morphs and several different makeup options. No genitals because she looks like she’s 12.

Going to be a hard no for me. I already have way too many female figures in my Content Library as it is, and I don’t render elves. Pass!

Next up is a set of 20 different poses for the High Elf Priestess from Ensary featuring mainly standing poses, but a couple of sitting and/ or laying poses as well.

Going to be a hard no for me. There’s nothing unique about what types of poses a “High Priestess” would use. 99% of your already existing standing, sitting, or laying poses would work just as well. Pass!

Next up is a cloaked robe outfit for G8F elves from Barbara Brundon, Moonscape Graphics, and Sade consisting of a dress, jacket, belt, gloves, heels, hood, hood guard, and shoulder guard.

It includes a wide number of adjustment and movement morphs, and it’s dForce enabled so it will drape well in most poses. It’s a gorgeous fantasy/ niche/ period piece outfit. The hood is tailored for long elf ears. Going to be a no for me. Pass!

Unlike the previous garment, I’m picking this next one up. This nine-piece hooded robe from Sixus1 looks like something I can use outside of a fantasy setting. A minor tweak of the fabric and this will easily make a cyberpunk outfit or an outfit my female characters may want to wear when out with their friends.

I’m not a huge fan of red leather, but if I re-texture the garment with my existing black leather shaders it’s going to look gorgeous. So, I’m saying “yes to the dress” and picking this one up. Buying!

Next up are a set of 20 poses for the High Elf G8M figure from Ensary. And, for the exact same reasons I wouldn’t recommend buying the pose set for the female character, I’m not recommending you buy this pose set for the male character either.

There simply isn’t nothing unique or different about an elven character that requires a unique pose set. Use one of th 100s of male poses you already have in your library for G8M.

Besides, poses are supposed to be your starting-point. A good artist tweaks them to make them unique to you and your scene!

So, it’s a hard no for me. Pass!

Next up is a set of four alternate materials for the cloaked robe outfit I mentioned above from Moonscape Graphics and Sade.

Maroon, purple, deep purple, and aqua.

And that’s it for today.

If you’re into elves you’re going to love the releases today. If you’re not into elves, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s as simple as that. Just remember, you can turn any of your characters into elves if you buy the fantasy ear morph pack for G8M or G8F.

Other than the ears (and height), there’s nothing really special about elves.

But releasing characters without anything elvish settings to put those characters into is a bit daft. What are you going to do? Render an elf walking in a meadow? Maybe I guess. Just seems weird.

Hope you enjoyed today’s write up!

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