Daz censorship is out of control

Just got my post deleted from the forums for pointing out that the CEO of Daz has an education in Blockchain tech.

The post I was answering, which asked if someone high up had an interest in crypto, also got deleted.

It’s so Orwellian! I just can’t believe they think that deleting simple facts and reasonable guesses is ok.

We were not accusing anyone of a crime. Why is Daz so ashamed of the truth?


I have zero problems with corporate entities controlling the dialog in the forums they own. It would be stupid of them not to. Obviously the moderators of the forums were told to shut down any posts that talk about NFTs with any negative leaning connotation.

Their forums exist to make their products better and to sell more products. Honest criticism of their products is good if there is a path to improvement. Criticism of them as a company is bad PR. I would kill such threads too if I were them.

The proper place to ask the questions you mention is right here. This is also the place to ponder the relationship between the CEO’s expertise in blockchains and Daz’s interest in NFTs. The Daz forums will never be the place to ask questions or offer criticism that won’t lead to a more positive outcome.

I think deleting a simple statement of facts is also bad PR. That, combined with their policy against sharing what is said in CS, smacks of duplicity (favoritism) and a willingness to deceive. My opinion of Daz has dived in light of these conditions. Refusing to operate with transparency only makes them look shady and not to be trusted.

And frankly, the extent to which things get censored is ridiculous. I literally had a post deleted for pointing out that a link had been removed. That’s all I said. When someone refuses to be accountable, they don’t look good.

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And now you know why I started these forums. :slight_smile: But DAZ has always held an iron grip over what they allow in their forums and to a lesser extent so does Renderosity. I do not agree with censorship either but I also agree with phezian that a private company has the right to decide what they allow on their platform. DAZ’s forums are nothing but echo chambers full of sycophants and jackbooted moderators.

But I also know there is a need for honest criticism and debate but DAZ isn’t the only one. Otoy does the same thing, same with Autodesk, Pixologic, and others.

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Sorry to hear that RandoBean. Yeah, the mods can be pretty heavy-handed. I don’t get why, if there is nothing to be ashamed of that they seek to conceal their CEOS’ interests, but I guess they don’t wanthis name dropped in a thread that is likely to go sour fast.

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Well my semiban came about after criticising NFTs in the very first post DAZ_Melissa made on the topic which is why I think it was more than just a culmination of my criticism of moderator actions in the past. She has moderator status and I don’t doubt is responsible for shutting a lot of the discussion down. At least you don’t need every post preapproved. Nobody is talking about Tafi and Amazon VR and Lumberyard either.


The thread appears to have been pretty heavily whacked. I note they no longer notify people when posts are removed. I’ve had several posts removed, and see nothing, only to find the thread gone, or seriously pruned.

I just took a look and it seems more of my comments have been deleted, even the ones I carefully worded to avoid violating the TOS. They really don’t want us to mention the CEO or his cryptocurrency background, I guess.

Fun fact, the Tafi account on Opensea traded a random person one of the Daz NFTs for a baby Yoda loves crypto NFT. So professional!!

Right now Daz NFTs are selling for $3 on Wax. How is this even paying for the transaction fees?