DAZ DIM poser stuff rearing it's ugly head all the time

Is anyone else getting Poser stuff showing all the time in their DIM? I’m tired of hiding it. I hid 65 yesterday and they’re all there again like bad rash. I’m turning into one of those conspiracy theory believers. I’m sure Daz is doing it on purpose so you use the new shit thing that I don’t trust. It shouldn’t be showing at all, I don’t have Poser stuff selected in the list.

It does look like Daz’s store added a new poser tag to their database and reset the existing ones. Hopefully they get this fixed. I have no use for poser.

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Yeah. My DIM re-downloaded a lot of stuff I already had. Flagged-it as new (and not updated). I think what they’re doing is also bundling-in native Blender, Maya, C4D, and Unity native formats for things as well.

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Ah, I’m glad I’m not losing it. I know it’s not hard to hide them all again but, when you’re working really hard on something else you can get a bit short tempered with stupid, time wasting tasks. :smiley: