DAZ Install Manager deletes content

oh those sweet summer children in this thread

[Why did my DE Binah Item, Order Number, everything disappear last week? - Daz 3D Forums]

I know firsthand DIM can remove content, we give it permission to do so by using it.

dachshund for Dog8 was accidentally included with another morph when it was released and an update soon after I mentioned it on the forum (and got moderated) removed it!

My posts to the linked thread don’t get approved either. :flushed: They are kidding themselves if they think Install Manager cannot delete content. :woman_facepalming: The fact the mods won’t let me point it out only makes me think there is something clandestine going on on top of this. These "freebies " some are getting that disappear and the outright gaslighting of the *recipients/victims *in that thread by community volunteers and mods is concerning. :flushed:

I’ve never used DIM for just that reason. I download everything I buy there (which is hardly anything anymore) manually and then install said content manually. It takes longer but I know where things go and what they are. I also store my own backups. I’d highly suggest everyone go to their accounts and manually download a copy of their purchases when they buy them and back it up (just in case). :slight_smile:

I only use DIM but I also tell DIM not to delete anything after installing either.

18,000+ zip files add up, but it’s a nice insurance policy.

Also, I’ve never seen DIM actually delete anything. Not even sure how that would work unless you mean DIM deletes something when you install a product update? In that case, that kinda makes sense.

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yes product update, if you don’t install the updated ones you would be OK in those cases, I too keep my zips but those get updated too.

This happened to me also this summer. It deleted half of what I had installed via the DIM. had over 1200 items according to DIM. The next time I started, I was down on 620. Imagine my surprise?!?

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