Daz to Blender Bridge

Wasn’t sure which forum to put this in.

Any tips, etc on the to Blender Bridge? I’d like to expand my rendering, etc. Blender is a black box. The Bridge…seems ungainly, especially where genitals are involved.

Well, I started working on this last night. It’s not the Daz to Blender script but it’s for Diffiemorphic’s DAZ Importer plugin instead.

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The latest DTB works at an acceptable level for me. Converting the rig to Rigify is bugged as hell, but the DAZ original Rig works as good as in DAZ Studio. There is just one visual flaw with some over-sized control bones, which is easy to fix, yet they still didn’t after many version updates now…

I don’t know why, but there is always a duplicate model of the genitalia when bridged to blender - one’s attached to the body and the other’s not. I just delete the one that’s not. For more controls over the genital area simply check all morphs related to it during export. there is a dedicated morph select window now. Got any specific question, ask away.

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