DAZ3D First Impressions for 5/18/2021 Part 3

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for 5/18/2021 Part 3

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

This is part 3. Part 2 is available here.

Donovan would be perfect if he wasn’t so perfect. If that makes any sense?

Oh look, another f*cking Barbie Doll…

Beautiful Bianca is not missing any textures, but joins an already crowded and saturated field.

L4N4 is a Level 4 SubD highly detailed sculpted and textured female gynoid for G8F and looks fantastic.

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I own a number of gynoids by that pa. I do wish they would make a male version. There are maybe two not-so-well-made male androids, and I really wish there were more.

I am wondering about Donovan’s skin.He seems a bit… Ashy. Is that his lighting?

I think it’s the lighting and the promo images. Compare:

SickelYield had a tutorial over at DA about adjusting the skin settings in Iray. Well, I just went looking and can’t seem to find SickelYield’s any longer but based on what I remember, this one looks to be MUCH better anyway:

My reason for bringing this us is sometimes there are issues with the surface settings for skins in figures. :slight_smile:

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