DAZ3D First Impressions for 5/21/2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for 5/21/2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Let’s see what today brings? “Free Content Friday”.

Holm would otherwise be a perfect older male character if he wasn’t missing textures.

Shireen is a generic Barbie Doll entering an overly crowded and oversaturated market vying for your love and attention. But don’t let this slice of bland white bread fool you, she also doesn’t have any genitals listed either.

Your “pussy in boots” will look fierce in this conforming cat woman outfit complete with claws and a dforce cat helmet.

I’m impressed with this dForce anime wig for your G8 female characters. Three different wigs are provided, including one specifically designed to fit inside an accompanying helmet. Love the attention to detail!

If you can get past one or two of the included poses being too stiff and rigid then this collection of 25 full and partial poses isn’t half-bad.

The Underworld Pose set requires an outfit and weapon that’s not listed as required on the Product Page. Buyer beware.

DAZ’s message is clear. “F*ck you” if you’re a guy.

Got it. Message received. Loud and clear.

Nice collection of 60 shimmering and glimmering and glitzy fabric Iray shaders.

Over 12 million combinations of textures, colors, and options are available in this unique set of Kirikane Iray fabric and hard surface shader set.

Set of 7 additional Iray shaders for Shadow Cat that apparently didn’t fit in the original products’ ZIP files.

Final Thoughts

First, apologies for the insane time it took me to get this out. Life decided to get complicated today.


  • I really wanted to like Holm. He looks fcking fantastic, but I swear to God I’m getting sick of fcking Barbie & Ken Dolls.
  • Shireen? AYKM? I literally have 2 characters that look just like her. I’m staring at them in my Content Library as I type this up.
  • “Pussy in boots”. That’s still making me chuckle all these hours later. It was a play on “Puss In Boots” in case anyone didn’t catch that.
  • I wasn’t kidding. A PA that provides three different versions of their hair to help the artist out and to accommodate different situations? Hell yes. I bought that hair. I want to support PAs that make the artist’s job easier.
  • Those essential poses weren’t BAD but I think I’m going to wait til they are discounted more.
  • The underworld pose set did nothing for me.
  • I am FED UP with guys being treated like utter SHIT by DAZ and by PAs. I like smay, and I have a bunch of her products so this is nothing personal against her, but goddamnit!
  • Those glitzy Iray fabric shaders are nice. If only I were a drag queen…
  • And now I’ve got to look more into Kirikane. The Wikipedia article I read up on it today looked fascinating.
  • And yeah. 7 additional textures for an outfit? The cash grab lame.

That’s it for now.

Again sorry for the delay!

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I am tempted by Holm. He’s got an interesting sort of Hogarth look to his features. I think the emissive are cool. The lack of male anatomy is a negative especially since his texture is so unique.

I guess I’m going to pass since holm is pricey for a figure that isn’t intact.

Someone observed that Holm looks quite a lot like the actor Jeremy Brett, famous for playing Sherlock Holm(es).

As is well-known, Victorians didn’t have genitals, so his lack of anatomical textures is possibly authentic.

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I’ve never heard of this. My quick Google searches seem to indicate just the opposite, but I’d love to learn more. Got a source?

I decided to buy Holm. I hope he’s really good.