DAZ3D First Impressions for March 26, 2021

DAZ3D First Impressions for March 26, 2021

I’ll be glad when March Madness is over because the releases this month have been underwhelming.

Todays’ releases are more Tolkien and more pigs.

Elf Village and World Builder

It’s a set and environment from Magix 101 ripped from the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien and his novels.

This set includes:

  • 16 Pre Set Village Scenes
  • 8 Pre Set Nature scenes
  • a river decorated with stones
  • 5 Elf Houses which includes a Tree House and winding stairs
  • 15 Scene Buildings
  • 24 Unique Plants and Trees and several creeping vines
  • two styles of World Terrains
  • 12 Sundial Presets that can be applied to the sun for different Sun positions
  • 2 Internal Light Emitters
  • 24 Camera Setups & Positions

A truly immersive set and environment. Too bad I absolutely hate Tolkien’s books and his characters. LOL! Or else I might want to render scenes like that. So for that reason I’m afraid…

It’s a no for me. Nice set though!

Folco The Halfling HD for Genesis 8 Male

This is a Frodo -type character released for G8M from Kooki99.

This character is smaller in stature, just like Frodo, and is very detailed. He includes lots of body hair, and body hair options, and several different hair and eye color options. Genital maps are not listed. And while you can always use something like Dicktator when not, the fact that this figure is scaled down means you might have problems. Or rather, I always have problems with Dicktator when applied to a figure that’s been scaled down.

The skin is pale enough that you might be able to use the maps from a different character though. The hair elements and detail might make the character worth buying anyway.

I’m on the fence.

Adding to my wishlist for later.

dForce Bally Bounderfoot for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males

This is a Bilbo Baggins outfit released for G8M/ G8.1M from Anna Benjamin, Barbara Brundon, and Umblefugly.

It comes with an empty backpack, full backpack, pants, shirt, vest, lantern, mug, pipe, and walking stick.

The individual pieces have several movement and adjustment morphs and since it’s dforce enabled it should drape naturally on your figures no matter their pose.

The outfit is generic enough that it could easily be applied to a drifter/ vagabond or other young or old explorer or adventurer.

Buying. I like the pants. :wink:

dForce Bally Bounderfoot Textures

A set of alternate materials for the dForce Bally Bounderfoot for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males.

LoREZ Pig 2

This is a fully-rigged, low-resolution pig released from Predatron.

This low-res pig features strand-based hair and HD morphs. It includes a huge assortment of different pig breed styles, morphs, and textures, as well as movement and expression morphs.

Whether you’re rendering Wilbur or Babe or Porky or any other famous pig in our culture this pig will bring home the bacon. Speaking of bacon, I’m sure Davo has some roasting props and scenes available at Renderotica that would be perfect for roasting this pig, too. Just kidding!

Pigs are cute. I’m buying.


A pig ain’t a pig unless he’s happy playing in the mud and every pig needs a pigsty. This pigsty comes to you from Predatron.

This small environment includes an enclosure, hutch, gate, and lots of vegetation for the pigs to eat.

It’s not a huge environment. It’s meant for up-close renders, and you’ll want to include an HDRI or other backgrounds that are out of focus to draw less attention that this is a very small set.

But it’s practical.

I’m passing.

Pig Cart

This is a wooden cart and harness for your LoREZ Pig 2 to pull and is released by Predatron.

It includes two carts, harness, reins, and lots of props and accessories.

Poses are included for G8M, its smaller statured figures.

If pigs are the main animals in your render universe you’ll probably want this. But it’s a pretty specific piece.

I’m passing.

v176 Iray Fantasy Dioramas

This is a set of several different fantasy-style dioramas released today by vikike176.

It features three different fantasy dioramas, emissive elements, 3 different colors for the mushrooms and bush, 5 different colors for the leaves, 1 trunk, 2 bushes, 1 light plant, and 1 large mushroom.

A cute rendering stage for your fantasy renders.

I’m passing.

Neferata Vampire HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

Oops! I completely forgot about a new female vampire release from kooki99 for G8.1F! Sorry, Phezian! :slight_smile:

Neferata is designed specifically for G8.1F and take advantage of her new face rigging to provide some incredibly detailed expressions.

In addition to the head, body, and teeth morphs she comes with a pale skin, blood on her face overlay, 8 separate eye colors, and a tattoo.

Genital maps are not listed though her release page does say “Full MAT” so not sure if PAs are starting to say that instead of having to explicitly say if they have anatomical textures. Of course it’s not like DAZ provides the full file-list for releases any more. Guess the guy that was doing that job got fired.

I’m not too into vampires so it’s going to be a pass for me.

Today was a great release if you’re into fantasy and Tolkien. If not, another day has come where you’re just as underwhelmed as you’ve been throughout the month.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ll be glad when March Madness is over at DAZ because maybe then they can get back to disappointing me by not releasing hardly any male characters or male outfits throughout the week. LOL!

Until next time please be kind to yourself, and your neighbor.

I really want the pigs, but have no reason to render pigs, so I am debating the personal justification.

Pigs are cute. That’s my justification.

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I am surprised that the pig is low-resolution. Does that mean that there’s a high-resolution pig – DAZ Pig 8, Pig HD – waiting in the wings somewhere?

I’m curious to know if you can apply Folco’s head on its own, or if it’s an all-in-one-morph that necessarily shrinks him down to hobbit-size. He’d make a decent generic young male, but if he inevitably tops out at 4’2", that may limit the applications a little.

The promo page hints that low-res is by design, but it does have HD morphs, normal maps, and strand based hair. You honestly can’t tell. Personally I’m happy to see some conservative mesh designs finally. Not everything needs to be 50,000 polys and up.

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I haven’t bought him yet but I would think that even if it did you could re-scale up the body scale to compensate or revert those scaling changes?

Next you’ll be saying that you don’t need 8K maps for absolutely everything either. :slight_smile:

Ugh. Don’t get me started! One of the first things I do now is load up Scene Optimizer, and it’s not like I have an underpowered rig! One time I loaded up Decimator AND Scene Optimizer because I wanted more than 5 figures in a scene. And that’s with a 2080s. Even with the 3090s coming here in a few weeks I STILL plan to reduce the texture maps and LOD. There simply is no reason for 8K maps for eyelashes. EYELASHES!

Ok I just bought him. LOL

First off, DAZ has been sitting on that character for months it looks like. They assigned him a product ID somewhere between Ichibod and Juan Carlos!

Also, looks like it’s one morph. Not a separate head and body. And looks like it loads the hair elements by default too.

Definitely no genitals.

But for kicks and grins I wonder what Dicktator looks like. It usually struggles with altered scaled characters.

And that’s going to be a hard pass for dictator.

It does NOT like funky scaled figures. Admittedly I only spend about 2-3 minutes but no amount of scaling or separate X, Y, or Z axis scaling was making that cock and balls look normal. Everything I tried and it looked like a bolted-on dick. Literally. Like something bolted-on Frankenstein’s Monster.

Ironically, the standard G8M genitals look normal. But there’s no texture.

So there you have it. If you want Frodo to have a cock and balls you’ll need to use a different texture and you’ll need to use the standard G8M dick.

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