DAZ3D March Madness for March 15, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 15, 2021

Todays’ promo is “Candy Land”.

First up is a new male character for G8.1M from Matari3D with fibermesh hair (head, eyebrows, and beard), pants, hoodie, boots, t-shirt, arm bands, boxers, ear piercings, and nose piercings. Includes photo-realistic materials including genitals.

Definite yes for me. A new and unique male figure. Even if he’s white. I love my white guys, but there’s so much beauty outside Europe and North America too. Buying!

Next up is a particle system plugin for Studio from Alvin Bemar. Perfect for creating dust, stars, pixie dust, sprinkles, rain, and anything else for your scenes.

This plugin will allow you to add special effects and realism to your scenes. Buying!

Next up is a new, young, European, female character for G8F from Mousso.

Just look at her compared to Thomas, released today above. And take a look at your Content Library. She looks like just about every other female character you probably already have.

I mean, she’s gorgeous. Don’t get me wrong. Mousso is a wonderful artist.

PAs constantly tell me this is what sells. I get it.

But that’s just sad. Pass. And she has fibermesh pubes, too.

Next up is a messy teenager’s room set/ environment from Sylvan.

Featuring a un-made twin-bed, desk, laptop, clothes strewn about, and other room/ set decorations and accessories. This is the perfect scene for your moody teeanage renders!

Buying. You can never have enough sets for your characters.

Next up are some Viking swords and battle axes from Porsimo.

Complete with sheaths and multiple textures.

Going to be a no for me but only because I don’t render Viking battle scenes. Pass.

Next up are some Bohemian Iray fabric shaders fron OziChick and hotlilme74.

I’ve said this before, Iray fabric shaders are must buys because you can use them to transform any of your existing outfits into new one’s and breathe new life into old garments.

Disk space is cheap. Buying!

Next up is a script to convert your props and poses from Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 8 Female from RiverSoft Art.

It automatically converts almost your entire library of props, accessories, and poses. The Props & Poses Converter script provides batch execution for automatically converting your Genesis 2 Female props, accessories, and poses to Genesis 8 Female props, accessories, and poses in your library. Easily select the Genesis 2 Female props and poses in your library, select an output directory, and execute the script. Even better, icons and categories are copied from your Genesis 2 Female prop or pose to the new Genesis 8 prop or pose.

I own almost every RiverSoft Art script they’ve produced because they add a lot of value to my Content Library, and this script looks like it will be just as useful.

When combined with other scripts to convert 3DL materials to Iray and/ or Filament, this script will allow you seamlessly and effortlessly use your old content with your new figures without you having to spend time correcting the poses and materials.

This is a yes for me! Buying!

Next up is a Japanese inspired petticoat outfit for G8F from Falco.

It’s a cute outfit that features bloomers, a dress, geoshell socks, a headdress, petticoat, sock tops, and wrist cuffs.

It’s going to be a no for me on this one. The outfit is cute, but the style doesn’t work for any of my renders unfortunately. Pass.

Next up is a pack of wool Iray fabric shaders from Nelmi.

Iray fabric shaders are good buys because you can use them to transform any of your existing outfits into new one’s and breathe new life into old garments.


Last is a set of ice props and shaders for Iray and your scenes from ImagineX.

Jack Frost wouldn’t be Jack Frost if he didn’t have any frost. This pack of props and shaders adds those frost, ice, snow, and icicle elements to your cold and/ or winter scenes.


That’s it for today. Hope you’ve found this useful! And if you have any thoughts for how I could make these posts better please let me know in the comments below!