DAZ3D March Madness for March 16, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 16, 2021

Today’s promo is “You Only Have One Shot”.

First up are some 19th Century firearms from Falcontruth. Featuring a couple of rifles, a pistol, a gun-powder bag, and some accessories.

Not sure why the set is called “Renaissance” since there were no firearms in the renaissance. :wink:

Edit: Special thanks to @bytescapes for setting me straight and for the history lesson!


Next up is some long pig-tail braided hair for G8F from Toyen in several different colors and adjustment poses. Doesn’t look to be dForce though. That’s a disappointment.


Next up is a fictional elephant man-beast for G8M from RawArt complete with tusks and articulated trunk.

Dr. Moreaux would be proud.

Pass. (Only because I really have no use for this, otherwise RawArt produces some AMAZING art and figures!)

What’s next? Oh look. Another new, young, European, female character for G8.1F from VOOTW.


Next up is a fictional alien creature for G8M called “The Gobbler” from Mechasar. Features a sandworm “head” with rows of concentric teeth and exaggerated limbs.

No thanks. Pass.

Next we’ve got a selection of hard surface Iray shaders from Serum. Different metals, glass, porcelain, ceramic, tile, and other types of hard surface materials are included.

Picking this up because shader packs like this are perfect for re-styling old props and sets and making them look new and fresh again! Buying!

Next up is a rebel military outfit for G8.1F from Yura. It says the outfit is for G8.1F but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work for G8F either.

I’m passing on this. Or at the very least I’m going to add this to my wishlist for later. Maybe!

Up next are a set of volumetric flames and explosion props from DimensionTheory.

Definitely picking this up. You never know when things will get explosive in your scenes and you need a good fireball and PitBull isn’t available! Buying!

Next we have some Iray decals from PixelTizzyFit.

These decals are meant to be stuck onto your figure’s clothing to add unique and whimsical elements to them.

Can you do the same thing with the Layered Image Editor? Sure. But this saves you a lot of time.

Buying. It’s cute, and I can use it.

Last is Otis for G8.1M from Kooki99.

What a handsome and expressive middle-aged black man. We need more characters like Otis. Lots more characters like Otis.

This is a must get. B-u-y-i-n-g-!

So that’s it for today. Sorry for being late, I had some work I had to take care of first thing this morning.

As always, please let me know what you think about these posts! The good, but especially the bad!


Just to be pedantic, early firearms were contemporary with the Renaissance (in fact, the very earliest firearms preceded the Renaissance, although they looked nothing like these). Like you, I first thought that these looked like weapons from a later period. Having Googled a bit, however, I think that the creator did their homework and these are in fact period-appropriate (although they may perhaps be from the second rather than the first half of the Renaissance). The firing mechanisms certainly seem to be reproduced with near-obsessive attention to detail.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make a render of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo dueling with wheellock pistols for the hand of some comely Florentine youth, now’s your chance.

But if that were the case why did they have flintlock rifles and muskets in the Revolutionary war and not those which would certainly have been much more effective?

The models in this set use three different mechanisms: matchlock, wheellock and snaplock. The earliest muskets were of the matchlock type, where the gunpowder was ignited by a length of burning cord (the ‘match’). They were slow to fire and awkward to use.

The snaplock was a more advanced design that did away with the match in favor of flint and steel and a spring-loaded striker mechanism to bring the two in contact. The flintlock was a refinement of the snaplock, adding a second moving part called the frizzen (thanks, Wikipedia).

The wheellock might have been a “better” mechanism than the flintlock, but if you look at the pictures in Wikipedia, it’s hellaciously complex. It would have been costly to manufacture and possibly delicate. The flintlock, which did the job almost as well, was sturdy, cheap and (relatively) easy to make.

So the answer to your question is that flintlocks were used in the Revolutionary War because they represented the best trade-off then available between performance (the frizzen covered the pan, preventing the powder from spilling out or getting wet) and price (they could be made cheaply and easily).

You have amazed, impressed, and humbled me. Thank you for setting me (and the record) straight.

I’m really just dumping on you the results of my web searches. I had some vague ideas about some of this stuff – if asked, I could probably have told you the difference between a matchlock and a flintlock, but that’s about it – but it was your questions that made me want to find out more. And as rabbit holes go, it turned out to be not a bad one to go down.

I think my conclusion is that the model maker knows their stuff and both the models and the title are pretty much accurate. This came as a surprise to me too, and made me realize how little I actually knew.

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Ok…I picked up Otis as I was pretty excited for a character that look like him as well. What didn’t pay attention to was the fact that he didn’t come with genitalia. I honestly don’t understand when someone is making a character (I get it that it’s quicker) to me it just is like you are ruining the entire thing, it almost makes it not worth it to me. I actually probably wouldn’t have bought it had I noticed that. I know there are are ways to make it work, but if I am buying a character and not a body morph…to me it should have everything I need, at least that is what I look for. It was cheap, but I was a little disappointed, but he does look really nice.

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I feel ya. I usually don’t worry too much about genitals much any more since Meipe’s genitals are such a step-up over anything DAZ will give you. And when you combine it with Texture Wizard the difference is night & day.

Now granted, Meipe’s dick and balls don’t yet work for G8.1M yet… but he’s been releasing updates quite regularly updating things to G8.1F so I’m 100% confident that an update for the guys is … a’hem … coming soon.

Edit: By the way, if you don’t have Meipe’s genitals yet now is the time to pick them up over at Renderotica (and pretty much every other thing Meipe has produced basically) since Rotica is running a store-wide 25% off sale this week.

I don’t buy non-intact adult male figures. I don’t want to encourage creating adult male figures without their gens. Yes, I can make my own elements sometimes, although not having the map can sometimes be an issue, with texture stretching and other issues, I’d simply prefer to have the whole figure to work with.

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