DAZ3D March Madness for March 18, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 18, 2021

Let’s not pussyfoot around. Today’s promo is “Bad to the Bone”.

First up is a new, young, European, female character for G8.1F from HM.

You don’t need this figure. I guarantee you already have a figure that looks just like her in your Content Library.

Next! Pass.

Next is a dystopian “mad max” type skimpy outfit and weapon set for G8.1F from HM.

She better hope she doesn’t get any glancing blows from her opponent, and that mask is probably going to make it difficult for her to see anything.

Next! Pass.

Next is some very long, straight hair for G8.1F from HM.

Perfect for your opponents to grab you and restrain you with! Or perfect for you to get yourself caught up in. At least it has dforce.

Next! Pass.

Next up is a south-Asian inspired set/ environment kit of buildings and accessories creating a village or market square in the middle of the desert from Meshitup.

It features several different buildings, props, Iray lights and materials, render settings, and an HDRI environment.

You can never have enough sets. Buying!

Here’s a hint: Even if I don’t have an immediate use for a set that I buy, I’ll often still render an image. Those images make perfect replacement images for pictures and paintings to adorn the wall of my other scenes!

That helps to add a level of uniqueness and customization to your art that can help it to stand out from everyone else’s.

Next up are a set of various hand, table-top and floor electric fans from Wee Dangerous John to shjuzz up your scenes.

Props and accessories like these can add that final element to your scene that helps to bring it to life.


Let’s get physical! Next up is a set of fitness coach & client poses and expressions for G8 and G8.1 from Zeddicus.

This one is going on the wish list for a better sale. Maybe!

Next up is a G8.1 Male 8K Skin Merchant Resource from Deepsea.

Includes textures for cis and trans genitals, as well as “powerful micro skin details”. It uses the new PBR Shader for G8.1.

If you’re thinking of creating your own characters, you probably want this.


Stop The Snatch Game it’s a kitschy drag gown for your male G8 characters from Maralyn.

At least Genesis 8 Male characters don’t have to worry about tucking! Ethel Merman, eat your heart out!

Maybe. It’s on my wish list for a deeper sale.

Next up is a new female character from Elianeck and Marcius. The character is unique, and it’s not something I’ve seen before.


Next up is a set of HDRI lights from Paper Tiger.

Paper Tiger is known for their HDRI lights. HDRI lights definitely have their place, but they still need to be used with emissives or reflectors. You can’t just rely on HDRI lights alone to achieve professional results.

Buying. This looks like a good set.

Next up is an old room set/ environment from 3dLab and Mytilus.

Perfect for abused, kidnapped, or lonely characters and figures!

Buying. This is simple, but looks good and will be quite effective.

Next up is a sci-fi military outfit for G8F from 3D-GHDesign, Barbara Brundon, and Sade.

Includes dress (with caped back), pants, boots, and gloves.


And last we have an alternate material pack for the sci-fi military outfit for G8F from 3D-GHDesign, and Sade.


That’s it for today. Sorry for the lateness in getting this published this morning. Our power went out overnight due to the storms.

Please let me know what you think of these posts! I’d love to hear your feedback both good, but especially the bad.

Until then, be kind.

Oh I just want to say…I actually was just looking for some Iray shaders and came across something pretty spectacular I wanted to share. Looks like JGreenless has almost all of their (almost) marked down to around 2 bucks each right now and they have a LOT of them, don’t know how long it will last so if you want to stock up…there is some pretty fantastic looking ones!


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15 Iray Shader bundles are costing me less that $30…pretty crazy.

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