DAZ3D March Madness for March 21, 2022

DAZ3D March Madness for March 21, 2022

Today’s promo is a catch-up sale, but there are new releases.

First up is a new, young, European, female character for G8.1F from Marcius.

Aside from the head and body morphs she’s got a full texture (including genitals), a tattoo set, and several makeup options.

I love Marcius, and he is such a talented artist and goes to great lengths and uses painstakingly detail with his characters.


She’s generic looking. Of course she’s new to the artist but she looks like every one of the other couple hundred or so other G8F and now G8.1F female characters I and you probably have.

She’s gorgeous. No doubt about it. And she’s got those Marcius touches that only Marcius adds to his characters (you can easily spot artists the more you work with them because some of them have their own trademarks and design philosophies).

But I’m going to have to pass. If she catches my eye in the future then maybe.

Next up is a new 3-piece wardrobe outfit for G8F from xtrart-3d!

Featuring boots, dforce cargo straight-leg pants, and cut-off jacket, this outfit looks fresh and comes with several adjustment morphs.

This looks like an awesome set. I wish the jacket had dforce as well as the pants that would be my only gripe.

But I am buying this. A girl can never have too many outfits, am I right?

Next up is a dforce asymmetric button dress for G8F from PhilW.

This short dress comes in an assorted array of colors that remind me a lot of Oriental styling. They’re bright and lively. It also includes a large selection of movement morphs (buttoned, open skirt, center buttoned, unbuttoned, skirt length, and skirt width).

The dress has 26 different material options for the fabric and buttons.

This one’s added to the wish-list. I already have quite a few short dresses for my characters, and while it’s adorable it’s not for me today.

Next up is a dforce winter duffle-coat for G8F from kobamax.

It has 32 movement and adjustment morphs, and since it also has dforce it will most likely drape naturally on your characters mo matter their poses. It also has four materials for the fabric, and two different materials for the clasps.

This is a smart looking winter coat, but I’m not thinking about rendering any winter scenes right now unfortunately.

This one is getting added to the wishlist, too. I’ll pick this up later on in the year closer to autumn or winter when it goes back on-sale.

Next up is Tesla3D’s take on those social distancing restaurants we saw pop-up in Europe last year.

COVID-19 certainly changed how we live, and it also changed how we eat out. Last saw some some ingenius restaurateur incorporate small greenhouses into their architecture so patrons could eat without fear of either spreading the virus themselves, or catching the virus from another patron. It was a brilliant solution.

This is an exterior set of a restaurant that is focused on the outside. Transparent domes are placed with one or 2 tables underneath. The domes have their own lighting and ventillation, too.

It’s a smart looking set, and you certainly wouldn’t have to use the domes if you didn’t want to. This could just as easily be turned into a normal outside eating arrangment if you wanted.

I’m picking this up. I remain impressed with Tesla3D’s models and you can never have too many environments to place your figures in to render. Those domes can also easily be kitbashed and used for other things, too. :smiling_imp:

Next up is a dforce nightgown for G8F from both Pixeluna and shadownet. It includes a nightgown and panty.

The nightgown has a dozen or so movement and adjustment morphs and the panty has severl. It comes with 10 different materials for both and 25 color shaders, and 5 opacity options for a combination of 1250 different color combinations.

I’m going to pass on this. I don’t render very many scenes where my female characters would ever be in a nightgown, but this looks like a very cute and versatile set.

Next up is a new, young, European, female character for G8F from Warloc.

She is a beautiful character for sure, and comes with a full head and body morph, full textures (with genitals), different makeup options, and eye colors.

I’m going to pass on this. For now. Which is no reflection on Warloc or his characters. I just have way too many female characters to justify buying any more. She is unique enough though that I will probably buy her sometime in the future.

Next up is an HDRI lighting set from Paper Tiger.

Paper Tiger are certainly masters when it comes to HDRI lighting, and HDRI lights are quick and fast. But they don’t give you anywhere near the same control that you would have if you use physical lights instead. But I concede they have their place.

This set includes eight different scenes, a large assortment of HDRIs and render settings to adjust them (see, 99% of the options included in this are unnecessary when you use physical lights).

I’m going to pass. I still say you’re better off actually learning how Iray lights work in DAZ Studio and make your own. Your artwork will thank you.

Next up is some body hair for G8.1M from Matari3D.

Buying. Done. Next!

Just kidding (that that was all) but not kidding on the buying part.

Body hair simply adds realism to your figures and to your scenes. All mammals have hair. And while it’s nice that G8.1Male and Female have velus hair now, men (and even women) have more hair than that on their bodies.

This set includes hair options from the neck to toe for your G8.1 guys including armpits, pubes, thighs, shoulders, back, and buttocks.

Six different hair types, eight different color options, five different opacity settings.

Next up are a set of essential poses for G8F from Valery3D.

Includes 30 full-body and partial-body poses for your G8F characters.

On the one hand, most of the poses in this set are quite generic and you probably already have most of them already sitting in your Content Library. On the other hand having the poses broken up by upper-body and lower-body, left-arm, right-arm, left-leg, and right-leg could be quite useful.

But there are scripts you can buy that essentially accomplish the exact same thing with every single pose you already own.

I’m going to pass. The poses are generic and I already have them. Splitting up the poses by body region is a nice touch, but I already have scripts that accomplish that exact same thing for me. This is by no means a dig at the PA.

Next up is another winter outfit for G8F from fjaa3d.

It features a beret, blazer, dress, earrings, rings, shoes, socks, and a purse. The wardrobe items feature several different color options. It appears to rely on dforce primarily to drape the clothing correctly on your figure based on its pose which is a nice welcome touch! After all, isn’t this what dforce was designed to do?

It’s a cute outfit, but yesterday was the first full day of Spring and I think DAZ really missed the boat with this. These outfits should have been released 3-5 months ago and I think then there would be a much greater audience for them.

I’m going to pass, for the same reasons above. It’s Spring and I’m not thinking about Winter any longer.

Last is an idle standing pose set for your Genesis 8 and G8.1 figures from PedroFurtadoArts.

Featuring 10 poses for both male and female, and separated poses by body groups for both of your figures simple standing. Waiting. Relaxed. Doing nothing. Not even pondering life or thinking much about anything. Just neutral.

And I’m picking this up. Hell yes I’m picking this up. Because when I need a pose like this I always have to hunt around to find a pose that’s relaxed enough for my figures.

This would pair really well with Pose Randomizer Pro from RiverSoft Art to add some uniqueness to these poses so your scenes don’t accidentally end up looking like everyone else’s! Also, RiverSoft Art makes some of the best scripts in the market. I highly encourage you to check out their other scripts. They will enhance your workflow tremendously.

So this is a must buy for me.

And that’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today! I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Both the good, and especially the bad!

But as always, until next time please be kind to one-another. #StopAsianHate

The PC+ sale today is insidious - just because anything that’s been PC+ in the past month or so is on sale again. Grabbed a few items at $3 each - mostly outfits, since I’m boycotting characters until G9 - and realize at checkout I have 40 items in my cart. According to Daz math I got $800 worth of stuff for $100 (also had some bonus loyalty discount, I guess). Between today’s acquisitions and the glitch sale last week, I need to spend a bit of time cleaning up my library. Clothing is especially work-intensive since I reorganize it to copy the outfits to one folder so I don’t have to dig in to see them all. Then there’s the shoe folder and the jewelry folder, etc…

I would love to see screenshots of how you have your library organized into separate folders for shoes and outfits. It does seem like a lot of work but also seems like it would be quite useful too!

Its not fancy and never complete. First thing I do is make sure my clothing directory doesn’t have levels of subdirectories by PA, I pull every outfit up to the clothing folder so the outfit is a subfolder. I do some renaming to include the PA in the outfit folder name. For example, if I have an outfit named “Nightlife” by Sickleyield and it’s in Clothing/Sickleyield/Nightlife Outfit/, i move and rename the folder so its Clothing/SY Nightlife/ . If the item is dForce I’ll rename the folder to /Clothing/dForce SY Nightlife/ . Then I go in and copy the full outfit item and paste it in the clothing folder. I rename the outfit shortcut/copy so it has the same name as the folder. I do this all the file moving and renaming in the daz UI but folder moves I do in the OS. If the item has shoes, I’ll copy them into a folder Clothing/!!!Shoes/ along with their foot pose. I also have folders for Accessories, jewelry, weapons and undergarments. I need to work on my consistency a little, but it helps, mostly with the shoes. For some reason I sometimes lose the thumbnails - probably because i copied the item and then moved the source folder so always do folder moving/renaming before copying items inside to somewhere else as shortcuts. this happens mostly because I didn’t realize something was dForce and later renamed it. I know everything I add is just copies so I can delete and recreate them. I mostly save organizing for when my creative juices are not flowing then maybe seeing something will trigger something.

looks like I bought something by Arryn today. PA subfolders annoy me - I don’t know who made outfit I’m looking for but If i know it’s a disco outfit, I don’t want to dig through PAs trying to find it.

I know smart content would do a lot of this automatically, but my few experiences trying to use smart content typically end with me digging in my content library for something smart content didn’t think I needed to see. Smart content relies on the PA tagging everything correctly and the PAs don’t think the way I do.

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Thank you for sharing. That is an amazing system and ironically is similar to what I used to do when I used Poser! Especially the “!!!” trick to force certain folders to the very top. :slight_smile:

One thing you said though concerns me. You said you are copying the files from their source folders. If a product ever gets updated though you might run into problems if the DUF points to a different or newer version of something under /data/.

Windows Junctions and Symbolic Links might make more sense than actually copying the files themselves. That way if something gets updated it will naturally be reflected at all your link-points:

Creates a symbolic link.

MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target

        /D      Creates a directory symbolic link.  Default is a file
                symbolic link.
        /H      Creates a hard link instead of a symbolic link.
        /J      Creates a Directory Junction.
        Link    Specifies the new symbolic link name.
        Target  Specifies the path (relative or absolute) that the new link
                refers to.

Just a thought.

That looks handy, I’ll have to read up on it.

I don’t touch anything in the /data/ folders

by source folders i mean the outfit folder. I figured out a long time ago never to mess around in the /data/ folder. Like that one time I ran a duplicate file remover against my daz directory…bad day, that one.

But anything in the model folders is just metadata pointing to the data folder - generally it can be moved around and renamed. (Poser files were much more restrictive with some items not showing up if they weren’t the right kind of file for that folder) I have run into a few places where a PA hardcoded directory paths instead of relative directory paths and that usually means I delete the product for being poorly done.

And yes, when a product update happens, it means I have to redo my moves/renames and my old ones may be pointing to outdated /data/ folder info. So this is something your helpful hint might prevent.

This page does a fairly decent job explaining all the differences. With junctions and links you can effortlessly expand your DAZ Content Library to additional drives if you’re running out of space even (but that’s a more advanced topic). For what you’re doing, symbolic links are just fine.

hardlink - What is the difference between NTFS hard links and directory junctions? - Super User


And this shell extension makes creating links a breeze from within Explorer itself: The Complete Guide to Creating Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on Windows (howtogeek.com)