DAZ3D March Madness for March 9, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 9, 2021

We are 9 days-in to DAZ’s epic annual mega March Madness sale and it has been … flaccid and underwhelming. Maybe DAZ PA’s have run out of ideas or DAZ is having financial problems, I don’t know. But as I’ve been putting these posts out each day for a month now, there were considerably better releases in the month of February than has been releases so far in March.

Today’s promotion/ theme is “Build a Beautiful or Dangerous Future” but I’m sorry, there’s not one male item released today. So I hate to say it, in DAZ’s eyes I guess men simply don’t exist in this future.

It’s crap like this that DAZ continues to pull-off that makes them continue to look juvenile and not taken seriously sometimes.

Sure, I get it. Sex sells, and “new, young, European, female characters for G8F” sell more than characters for G8M, but the market is so saturated now with female characters that they literally all look alike!

So let’s dive-in I guess and take a look at what was released today.

First up is a script by V3Digitimes called Face To Face And Virtual Origins that helps you point and parent your props to other objects:

Face to Face is an extremely powerful tool for scene setup, allowing you to automatically move objects so that their selected faces are in contact with the faces you want on other objects, or even allowing to place their selected faces at the exact coordinates you want with orientation options and bonus Virtual Origins. This will drastically improve your workflow as you place objects and figures relative to other objects and figures in the scene.

A powerful tool indeed, and V3Digitimes has a strong track record or releasing quality scripts that make DAZ Studio that much better! Buying!

Next up are some Side Laced Boots for Genesis 8 Female from Predatron.

These boots are simple, and they’re cute. The legs are wide enough that you should have no problem fitting most pants or jeans into them and if you do, there’s always ManFriday’s Mesh Grabber script that can help you push the pants legs into the boot and getting rid of any poke-through. Buying!

Next we’ve got a weird bug creature that looks like a cross between a tardigrade, a cockroach, a crab, and a centipede. Called the Chthonic Burrower HD from Oso3d I’m not sure what genre this creature fits-in. But if you need an alien space bug (like from Men In Black I guess?) then this might be the insectoid for you. As for me? Pass!

What’s next? Oh look. Yet another new, young, European, female character for G8F! (Edit: @bytescapes correctly points out she’s Filipina. Thank’s @bytescapes!) … Called Reizi for Genesis 8 Female she comes from Warloc. Now I’ll say she doesn’t look like a bimbo like most of the other G8F characters that seem to get released. Her face is unique enough that it might be worthwhile getting. I like her mouth. Maybe. We’ll add her to the wishlist and if she goes on clearance I might pick her up. Maybe!

Next we have a parentable, fancy collar peplum from Ms. Vykhtoria. Called the VYK dForce High Collar Peplum, this fashion accessory is meant to spruce up your existing outfits to add some style and flair.

This looks like a cute item to add. I’m going to pass only because I don’t do these types of renders. But Ms. Vykhtoria regularly releases some nice things and I’m sure this is no different! Pass! (But only because I really don’t have a use for it.)

What’s next? Ah! DinaBot from Kibaretto! Kibaretto has been around for ages! In fact, his products were some of the first products I purchased for DAZ Studio or Poser some 15+ years ago.

DinaBot is a futuristic robot that looks like it came straight out of The Jetsons in the 1960s. A distinctly feminine bot with a monowheel drive system and two arms.

It’s a cute looking bot, and I have a soft-spot for anything robotic, but I’m going to have to pass this time (and I own just about every bot Kibaretto has ever released!) The center of gravity is all wrong in the figure’s design. I’m not sure of the words to describe it but it just appears “off” when it’s standing. Even in the promo pictures.

Sorry Kibaretto, but it’s a no for me. Pass!

Next up we have some Boxed Poses for Genesis 8.1 Female from Ensary. There are a ton of box and cage props for your figures from DAZ3D, Renderosity, Renderotica, and more. And it’s pretty easy to create your own boxes and cages with simple primitives from with Studio itself!

This pose set of 20 different poses for G8F gives your female characters something to do though inside those boxes and cages.

I’ve got a lot of poses already from Ensary and their poses are usually quite useful. So I’m… Buying!

Next we have a cute three-piece outfit for G8F consisting of a long-sleeved crop-top, mini skit, and boots. X-Fashion Girl Collection for Genesis 8 Females from xtrart-3d would make a decent high school school uniform for your female characters, or a whimsy and casual outfit to wear with her friends going to the mall.

Since a girl can never have enough clothing, I’m Buying!

What’s next? Oh look! Yet another new, young, European, female character for G8F! Ghayad for Genesis 8 Females from Belladzines is yet another young, white female, with full lips and full hips.

No offense to Belladzines because she really is quite lovely, but just like with Reizi above, she’s really not offering anything new! And how can she? When every PA takes the same Genesis 8 Female base character and loads it into Zbrush, there’s a reason all these female characters look alike (with few exceptions)! Because artists are all starting from the same base.

Sorry if I’m being too critical, but it’s a no for me. Pass!

What’s next? Oooh! This is quite interesting. A Shipping Yard Construction Set from The Antfarm.

First off, huge (huge) fan of The Antfarm. They produce some fantastic props and environments. Second, as usual this release is going to be quite useful! Because if you have a scene at a pier, or a dock, or a warehouse then what do all of those places have in common? They have 42 foot shipping containers!

With the Shipping Yard Construction Set, you can create anything from a never-ending maze of container cars to an impossibly tall stack that’s ready to crash to the ground. Keep it small for just the right shot, or build it out large to fit a larger world view. Each container car has functioning doors so you never know what might be lurking within.

So since I will be able to use this in an infinite number of ways, for many different types of scenes and renders I am definitely picking this up. Buying!

Next up are some steampunk cosplay outfits and props for G8F. The dForce Steamrose Outfits for Genesis 8 Females from Nathy looks like a cute set for your female characters. Looks like it has a huge number of morphs and texture options. If I did more steampunk I might pick this up. Pass! (But only because I don’t do steampunk.)

Next up is Sci-Fi Outfit 02 from ZKuro. Here’s another vendor that doesn’t think men exist which I’m sorry, but that thinking is ridiculous.

I get it, male products don’t sell as much as female products but has anyone stopped to think that maybe they’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy? That maybe male products don’t sell because there’s so few male products available?

Zkuro has another SciFi outfit also, and it’s already in my Wish List so I’m going to do the same thing here. I’ll pick it up when it goes on clearance. Or when the artist produces a male version where I could pick them up together. Maybe.

And that’s it! That’s it for todays’ releases.

As you can see I’ve tried something new today. It definitely took me much longer to write this up than I normally take (90 minutes as opposed to about 20) so I’m really curious what you think of this format and if I should continue with this or maybe revert back to the old?

Please let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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It was good. I like reading your take on it. As someone who is newer to this I like reading the history on some of this from you guys that’s been around so I can get a feel for stuff too, because sometimes I buy things that I wish I wouldn’t have and a little insight never hurt anyone. Still don’t buy a ton of female stuff, but I have been picking up a few things here and there and of course utilities and other items as well…I appreciate this immensely. I’m glad I picked up the script, it sounded extremely useful.

Reizi is new and young and female, but I don’t think she’s European. The blurb accompanying her says that she’s Filipino (should that be Filipina?) and I’m prepared to believe that she was modeled from life. She looks weirdly familiar to me, and I’m going insane trying to work out who she reminds me of.

She’s an interesting choice as she’s not conventionally pretty but looks more like a ‘real person’. I fear that that may hurt her sales, which is a pity because it would be nice to get more alternatives to the constant cavalcade of cookie-cutter model look-a-likes (or NYEFs, to give them their technical name). It’s also interesting that she’s Filipina, as the majority of Asian characters put out seem to be presented as Japanese or Chinese, and the rest of Asia is fairly under-represented.

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I like the antfarm shipping yard. But I admit I haven’t liked most of the March Madness content. They need to make it more mad. This seems just like any other sale day.

I haven’t even bought a gift card… I am underwhelmed with the new prices and the lackluster, and samey offerings.

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I love this format! It’s fantastic reading your thoughts. Whether you’re going to keep it up every single day tho…LOL…I can see you getting either very bored or just not having the time. Perhaps you could ask for volunteers? Give them a day each or something like that? Just to give yourself some breathing space? Do you have mods/admin peeps you can rope in?

I still haven’t bought any MM at all. Not even in the PC for a day. (EDIT: whoa, wait! I bought a swam hair for $2.99! LOL I forgot. So that’s my grand total)Partly because I’ve been really underwhelmed with the stuff coming out, partly because I’ve JUST finished my new computer build and FINALLY have a computer again (hooray!) and while funds aren’t really tight, I’d just prefer to spend them on other things I want more, and partly cos I seem to have finally broken the Daz Brainwashing ™ of having to buy buy buy!!!

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I would love for somebody to do something similar for the Poser crowd actually. You know, listing al lthe new releases for Poser on Renderosity. Or maybe someone to cover RenderHub or TurboSquid or something like that. I don’t have the time to do any of that.