DAZ3D New Releases for February 15, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 15, 2021

Spy Pistols Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 — James Bond inspired poset set for G3M and G8M.

CyberPNK ver 1.0 - Modular LIE Upgrades for Genesis 3 and 8 — Cyberpunk inspired LIE overlays for your G3 and G8 characters.

Dren for Genesis 8 Female — Another new, young, faerie, European, female character.

dForce Emissary Outfit for Genesis 8 Females — Additional materials for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine inspired Bajoran Vedek inspired outfit for G8F.

Meditation Gardens — Zen garden environment for Studio.

High Waisted Leggings Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females — Leggings, top, and matching COVID mask for G8F.

Making Of The Cowboy Photoshoot - Video Tutorial — Tutorial for DAZ Studio.

Avil Office Room — Home office environment for Studio.

Dirty Dishes — Props and accouterments to add realism and flair to your scenes.

“Dren.” What an interesting choice for the character’s name. That’s about how I feel about the 10:1 ratio of new female characters being released compared to male characters. It feels like “dren”. And if you’ve ever seen Farscape you’d understand exactly why.

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Do any of you use the Daz Deal add on for your browser? I think it’s available at Daz I think what I like most about it, is that I can put stuff in my wish list and it tells me when the price has dropped and it will show me on the actual page the varying prices an item has been. It’s been very helpful for me determining whether or not to buy certain products at what times. It sends emails every day to me with any new updates on the categories so I can see some stuff that may not be mentioned or missed usually.

I use it all the time. It’s an absolute must have. Just note that any of the links you get in their emails are DAZ affiliate links. I feel they should at least disclose that to you.

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It’s for Chrome Browser…it’s available at the chrome extensions store

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Ohhh I didn’t know that…but to me it’s worth it to save some money…either way…I like being able to pick up some of the guys I don’t have a discount prices for sure

I’m not against affiliate links (though I don’t add any to any of my posts here) but I think the use of them should be disclosed. The FTC tends to agree with me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the updated store items. I wonder if the CyberPNK ver 1.0 - Modular LIE Upgrades for Genesis 3 and 8 work on 8.1 figures.

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They should. It’s the same UV.

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