DAZ3D New Releases for February 17, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 17, 2021

It seems we are past DAZ’s fascination with CyberPunk 2077 and have now entered the realm of Lucifer Morningstar.

Torment 8.1 Temptations Bundle — Lucifer Morningstar themed/ inspired character bundle.

Torment 8.1 — A new demon/ Beelzebub fantasy character for G8¹M.

Torment 8.1 HD Add-On — HD addon morphs and textures for Torment 8.1.

Essential Poses for Torment 8.1 — Pose set for Torment 8.1.

Z Tormented Soul Poses and Expressions for Torment 8.1 — Pose set and expression dials for Torment 8.1.

Leonard HD for Genesis 8.1 Male and Torment 8.1 — Demon/ fantasy character for G8¹M.

dForce Royal Fashion for Genesis 8 Males — Historical clothing and shoes for G8M.

dForce Seaward Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males — Historical/ fantasy clothing for G8M.

dForce Seaward Outfit Textures — Additional materials for the dForce Seaward Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males.

dForce Lucidity Outfit for Genesis 8.1 Males — Historial/ fantasy clothing and accessories for G8M.

dForce Lucidity Outfit Textures — Additional materials for the dForce Lucidity Outfit for Genesis 8.1 Males.

Beau Fade Flip Hair, Beard and Eyebrows for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males — Short, cropped hair for G8M.

Fabulous Fabrics - Brilliant Brocades Iray Shaders — Alternate Iray material shaders for Studio.

Dark Hollow Weapons Collection — Fantasy bladed weapon props for Studio.

Kii’Na HD for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female — A new demon/ fantasy character for G8F.

Pyromantix - Beneath Fire Mountain — Add-on props and materials for Beneath Fire Mountain.

Adventurer’s Toybox Weapons Pack 2 — Sci-fi bladed weapon props.

StarShip R02 — Sci-fi space plane for Studio.

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I am actually kind of excited about this one I’ve already picked it up and all the goodies. We shall see!

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I like the male figure much better than Mike 8. I don’t have use for the demon content, not because I have any objections to it, just that I’m bored with demons overall. There are so many myths to explore, why keep using the same ones.

The main figure is hot though, so I’ll buy.


I should add that I still really hate the new bundle thing DAZ Store has been pushing on us. If I wanted to buy female characters, I would. But I have pretty much stopped buying the deal, since the kitchen sink approach to push a lot of unrelated content out on users, seems like just a store moneygrab.


Someone pointed out that Torment is non-binary in Their product description. Torment 8.1 | Daz 3D

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Interesting. I mean, it’s supposed to be a demon and do demons have genders?


Oof. This is painful. Hair filaments that go right through the horns. Eek!

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All the references I have found, indicate, Angels are masculine in gender. Demons are simply fallen angels. However, modern people tend to favor female angels, for reasons. There are certainly no female ones mentioned. And they did go down and impregnate human women. But I don’t know if spiritual beings have gender, or at least gender as we define it.

I think making the first non-binary character a demon is somewhat-problematic.

Maybe Torment is the lovechild of Lucifer and Lilith.

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I like Torment’s looks a great deal. At least the human version.

All the demons I’ve ever bought, or gotten for free, waste away in my runtime with Poor Vicky and her friends. But at least they can mess around with Vicky’s huge skimpwear collection, so all is not lost.

Is Torment really the first NB character? DAZ has recently begun putting out quite a few other characters who fall outside the traditional binary. Their ad copy for Blake – who appears quite un-demonic – uses ‘they/their’ pronouns and there might have been others.

I don’t know if I’d read too much into Torment being NB. Yes, there’s a stereotype at work, but it’s not the “non-binary people are literally the Devil” stereotype so much as the “this sexy sexy individual is so unashamedly sexy that they have no use for your silly categories” stereotype. Which is a little more positive. That’s my take on it, anyway.

To be honest, I tend to mostly ignore what DAZ writes – in part because a lot of their ad copy has indeed often been pretty problematic – and just focus on the look of the model. And Torment does seem to capture a particular kind of ambiguous male beauty that you can interpret as you choose. I’m a bit “meh” with regard to their demonic form, but the human shape is definitely one of the most real-looking characters they’ve put out.

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I think Blake was a pa creation. This is the first NB bundled figure.

I don’t care much for demons, devils or that sort of thing. Culturally appropriating the god Pan and making it into an evil bogeyman, just does not resonate with me. Plus I really can’t use more than one. A whole bundle of demons, and leftover pirate content does not do much for me.

Yeah I’m actually not buying today’s bundle either. There’s only one or 2 things I’m really interested in released today. I did pick up some things from Rendo and Rotica and Coffe-Glek (?) is Rendo’s VOM and his entire store is 50% off right now and there’s some cool things there.

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Today’s bundle seems worse to me. Did Valentino’s pirate closet explode? I mean seriously. A bone motorcycle? I am mildly tempted by Diablo, but thats just because there is an almost normal outfit in there.

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