DAZ3D New Releases for February 20, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 20, 2021

Today’s theme is ancient Egypt. Gertha is a well-stacked pretty woman and perfect if you need a strong butch woman in your scenes. The Big vs. Little poses could be useful especially in David vs. Goliath type settings (or Victoria vs. Veronica). I want that Leather Obsession Outfit. Walking in The Woods looks like a nice set, and the Vellus Shader System is going to be useful.

Gertha for Genesis 8.1 Female — Well stacked Amazonian warrior princess character for G8F.

Pharaoh At War Weapons Props and Poses — Ancient Egyptian war scene props, poses, and accessories.

Big vs Little Poses for Genesis 8 — Various height morphs and fight poses for your G8 characters (male and female).

Joan Poses for Genesis 8.1 Female — Joan of Arc weapon and fight poses for G8F.

M3D Leather Obssesion Outfit for Victoria 8.1 — Leather very informal outfit for G8F with boots, arm bands, jacket, tshirt, top, skirt, leggings, bra, panties, and accessories.

Pharaoh At War Characters and Outfit for Genesis 8 Male — Ancient egyptian leader warriors and outfits characters for G8M. For adding principal and background characters to your scenes.

Walking in the Woods — Wooded forest set/ environment for Studio.

Iray Vellus Horizon Shader System for Genesis 8 Female — G8¹F vellus shaders for G8F.