DAZ3D New Releases for February 28, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 28, 2021

Fried Chicken Store — High-density commercial building set/ environment for Studio.

HD Face Staples and Stitches for Genesis 8 Females — Facial wounds for G8F.

MR Luana for Genesis 8.1 Female — Another new, young, European, female character for G8F.

Man Cave — Set and environment for Studio.

dForce SunnySweet Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females — Top, shorts, flip-flops outfit for G8F.

Olivya ‘The Granny’ May HD for Genesis 8 Female — A gorgeous and unique new female character for G8F.

dForce Miya Short Overalls for Genesis 8.1 Females — Three-piece overall type outfit for G8F.

AHArt Unique Faces for Genesis 8.1 — 12 face dials for G8¹F.

HH Gnasher — Various prehistoric carnivorous reptiles for Studio from Herschel Hoffmeyer. Better call Chris Pratt!

HH Gnasher Textures — Alternate materials for the HH Gnasher.

HH Gnasher Poses — Pose set for the HH Gnasher.

Acting Skills 3 for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females — Various facial poses and expressions for G8F.

DIY Cyborg Outfit for Genesis 8 Females — Cyberpunk parts and accessories for G8F.

Real Head Morphs for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8.1 Males — Head morph pack for G8M.

EArkham’s ZWorld Ruins and Wreckage — Small set/ environment of concrete, bricks, rebar, and dirt for Studio.