DAZ3D New Releases for February 3, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 3, 2021

Climbing Vines - Ivy Plants – Vines and ivy props and scene accoutrements.

Rosamond HD for Genesis 8.1 Female – Another new, young, European female character for G8¹F.

Dystopia for the Vintage Caravan and Props – Alternative materials for the Vintage Caravan and Vintage Caravan Props.

Grand Staircase Grandeur Poses for Genesis 8 – Like a scene out of Titanic, a pose set for G8F and G8M walking down a grand staircase.

Abandoned Greenhouse – An a bandoned greenhouse set/ environment for Studio.

Ultimate Wall Painting Collection: Rustic – Wall painting props and accoutrements for your scenes.

Dog Bowl Props – Dog bowl props.

Bulldog Poses For English Bulldog – Pose set for the Daz Dog 8.

Dog Park – Dog park set/ environment for Studio. Dog shit sold separately. Seriously!

The bulldog is cute, and I am a sucker for doggos, but I admit the prices of the bundles is somewhat daunting. 50 bucks even with the fact I own 3 items in the bundles, is more than I paid for a pro bundle last year.

I just don’t think I will use it that often, so it is more of a want than a need. I will think about it.