DAZ3D New Releases for February 6, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for February 6, 2021

KemeMau for Genesis 8 Female — SF/F, Egyptian female character(s) for G8F.

Polished Living — Split-level open design living room set/ environment.

Eileen HD for Genesis 8 Female — Young, European, female character for G8F.

Cyberpunk Distant City HDRIs - 10 Cool Maps — Cyberpunk-themed HDRI set for Studio.

Render Studio 3 - HDRI — Cyberpunk-themed HDRI and emissive light set for Studio. Lots of neon.

Abstract Silk Fabric Iray Shaders Vol 2 — Alternate silk-fabric Iray shaders for Studio.

Cyber Me! for Genesis 8 — Cyberpunk-themed GeoShell, LIE, and traditional materials for G8F and G8M to transform your characters and make them a bit “cyberpunk”.

Iai Jutsu Poses for Genesis 8 Female — Martial arts pose set for G8F.


The whole Cyber Me! thing. I like the idea of Neon Cyberpunk cool shit and neat tattoos and stuff like, I’ve always been a bit of a sci-fi nerd (blade runner/fifth element sort of vibe) but looking at that I was kind left wondering the thoughts on it. It seems very similar to the other stuff that’s already out and some of it looks very poorly placed. The actual ports they have for your characters, to me, look like they were just literally objects that have been super glued onto somebody, they don’t really look to have any real interesting purpose. I do like the silver tats on the top of the head and the one on the back of neck that says Human though.

Still nothing really that stood out for me that I “had to have” yet. I do love coming here to critique stuff and give my thoughts though. I appreciate you posting these every morning.


One of the things I’ve learned is that surface groups and the figure’s mesh itself can get in the way of where geoshells and other props can be parented to. You discover that real quick when you export a figure into Blender. That’s one of the reason like cyber arms and other appendages, or props that make your figure look like an android or cyborg look the way they do. They literally have to follow the figure’s mesh and make sure the prop doesn’t cross different surface groups so it makes for some unfortunate compromises. Unfortunately there’s no getting around that unless you create an entirely new figure from scratch.

If you’ve seen any of the gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 you see some freaking AMAZING characters. Not one DAZ character used because there would be no way the mesh and topology would let the game designers do half of what they produced.


I would’ve bought cyber me if it was half as good as the previous cyber content we’ve got. But glowing tats and pistons and chunky metal objects clinging to skin don’t have the elegance and futuristic quality I want.

I honestly have been really wanting a hot male bot. There are dozens of female bots, and no men ever. The last ones we’ve gotten are for gen 3.

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Oh you and me both, honey. You and me both! :drooling_face:

LexaKiness’s “Detroit:Become Human” knock-offs weren’t bad, but they left me wanting for so much more.


I tried to gender bend the robots made by certain pas but the breasticles are always the issue. The closest I came was using that Sorayama bot knockoff that used to be sold at daz store. It is now at renderhub with the antenna they didn’t use in the one sold at daz… I was bummed…I love the Sorayama look.