DAZ3D New Releases for January 26, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for January 26, 2021

Beatriche HD for Genesis 8 Female – Oh look! Another young white female character for G8F. :roll_eyes:

AB Single Nails for Genesis 8 Male – Long, manicured, and painted finger nails for G8M.

Sci-Fi Jumper Vehicle – Sci-fi hover-bike land-cruiser vehicle or Studio.

Timeless Loft Props – Furniture, props, and other accoutrements to decorate your scenes and rooms.

X-Fashion dForce Casual Denim Outfit for Genesis 8 Females – Shorts and cut-off/ midriff top outfit for G8F.

FE Punk Hair Vol 1 for Genesis 8 Females – Cyberpunk inspired shaved-side long hair for G8F.

Kaihua For Genesis 8 Female and Sukai 8 – Oh look, another pinup character for G8F. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks! I hope we see something new for the men tomorrow, besides fingernails and viking makeup!