Delta Alpha Zulu

There’s just no way I can get around these comments not sounding sexist and misogynistic, and I am so so sorry. :frowning:

But seriously? Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?!

DAZ has such a hardon for female characters that they want us to believe that Aubrey 8 is a fecking mercenary? She’s a Penthouse Pet.

For crying out loud.

To be fair, the military is one job they will kick you out of if you get a little pudgy. Their body science isn’t fair at all - or it wasn’t while I was in. Women were allowed more leeway than men, but women with even an average cup size had to maintain very low body fat to stay under the ratios. Barbie Dolls were not uncommon.

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The stores primary audience renders women and futa . Female mercs with exposed cleavage and 3 dollies in the military bundle are just par for the course.

Personally the modern military outfit looks terrible and like rubber to me. I hated it when it came with …Dain ? If you are going to make stuff out of marvelous designer you need to spend more effort with textures.

I find it amusing in the promo one of the male figures wears hershel hoffmeyers atlas set.

In general I really want more realistic military stuff. But that rubbery outfit…ugh. But don’t worry, vickies cleavage is bare for all to see so that sniper can get a clean shot.

But hay look, you have some new constipated male expressions to make m8.1 cry. Poor m8.1

Nothing in today’s offerings caught my eye - its a closed wallet day for me. Yay!

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I mean, I think this screen shot does a good job summing up my feelings. Also This totally could be a meme in itself.


When I see expressions for g8.1 males they always look kind of designed for females. I find the expressions don’t look nearly as good as they do on the women.

It doesn’t seem to take facial structure into account. So the smile is the exact same regardless of character. And I wished we moved beyond the weird ‘who farted’ smiles the guys have.

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Daz put out another bundle today - an anti hate bundle where half the proceeds go to AAPI charity. I bought it because it’s a good cause and because Daz didn’t charge me for things I already owned in the bundle and even took 30% off the remaining items. so the bundle cost me $7. Worth it for the dForce hair alone.


I’m somewhat amused by the fact that they have a military bundle that consists of (a) a contemporary or near-future female military-look outfit, (b) some poses, (c) that one chick who looks like the lady Doctor Who, and (d) a tracked vehicle from 1941. It’s almost as good as the time they celebrated the Year of the Ox by building an Asian-themed bundle and throwing in a six-eyed alien bovine from Sixus.

Incidentally, the vehicle looks to be a Bren Gun Carrier. My father once said that he learned to drive on one of those. (The procedure for driving a fully-tracked vehicle is a little different to driving a car; essentially you steer by braking one track or the other. I imagine that he had to adjust his technique a little when he switched to more conventional vehicles).


Almost the same with steering an airplane on the ground too from what I’m told. Pilots just learning to fly apparently love to turn the yoke which adjusts the rudder at the tail and can’t figure out why the plane isn’t turning, but since there’s very little air moving across the rudder it has no effect on the ground, so pilots have to steer literally by applying brake pressure to the different landing gear. LOL!

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This reminds me of a Mad magazine (I think) article about flying that said “Flying an airplane is much like driving a car. If you turn the wheel to the right, it goes right. If you turn the wheel left, it goes left. But if you pull back on the wheel, the plane goes up, and if you push forward, it goes down. If you can do this in your car, we suggest you fly it back to Detroit for a check-up.”

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