Desert Planet 360

Criticism of my Desert Planet 360

OK this may not be the right place to post, but it relates to DAZ artist. I have been getting some criticism in the common at DAZ,…/discus…/458996/desert-planet-360 I would have replied there if I could, but I no longer have access to the daz forum any more, so I’m posting here. If people want to repost in the forum there, feel free. The main issue people are having is I put creatures in the background and are claiming I have made a huge blunder. So I will just say why I have put them in, in all honestly I did not expect the sand creatures to be accepted by DAZ and this was the only way I had a chance to get the sand worm into the environment and this was a critical element to this release with the desert suits. But to my happy surprise daz accept everything into the store so thank you daz. I did not hide the fact they were in there, and if you have a look at the 360 promo at the bottom I give everyone a full view of what they are getting. Can I take them out “yes” to 90% as they are on layers that can be turned off, weather daz would agree to it I’m not sure, it would change the original product and some people may have bought it because of the creatures in the BG. I guess if enough people want it changed them I could figure something out. I hope this explains the reason why they are in there, and they are not a mistake by me, that was my choice as I thought the sand creatures won’t make it in. To the people who don’t like me, you’re entitled to your opinion just like me. I’d like to thank everyone who supported these products, it’s been a great success.

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OK have done the updates and added 3 extra one. Cheers

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I think adjusting the product so that the backgrounds are also available without the creatures was exactly the right thing to do, and people in the forums seem to appreciate it. Thank you!

It’s often hard in DAZ promos to tell exactly what is and isn’t included. Like some other people I assumed that the promo images were demonstrating how you could use the creatures and the backgrounds together, rather than showing that the creatures were part of the backgrounds. That may be carelessness on my part, but I think it’s an easy mistake to make.

As a rule, I think less specific products – landscapes without creatures, rather than landscapes with creatures – will sell better, because they’re more versatile. A background with a sandworm in it says pretty clearly “This is Dune.” A background without a worm can be whatever the artist wants.

For the record, I bought Desert Planet 360 (and wishlisted your creatures) and I’m very much looking forward to trying them out. And I think Desert Planet 360 is an even better product now you’ve made the creatures optional.

Personally I like the sand critters, and bought the product today. Plenty of desert HDRIS in the store already, so creatures add a bit of fun. It is probably a good idea to include both, but I’m content with my HDRI including the critters, and if I don’t want it, it is an easy fix for me in photoshop. No biggee. Congratulations on your new release.

It wasn’t too much work it had them on layer in a Photoshop file and just turned them off. So I added a new Dir called “Clean” and put the new ones in there. What holding it up is the 3 bonus hdr’s one is going to take another 2days to render before I can finish it all and put it into DAZ. And we all know how slow Xmas can be. I really thought it would get knocked back because of the sand worm, but it is a 30yrs old film and from a book, so it’s not like the new sand work. I’m totally burnt out from making sci-fi suit they all look the same to me now, so need a new direction to keep me motivated. I won’t ever give up on suits but needed something to challenge me again. Any way the BG and Sand creature are my best-selling products for 3 years, so must be doing something right. Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated !