DeviantArt Premium Galleries Thoughts?

Just curious as to see if anyone uses the premium galleries at DeviantArt or if you have any thoughts on them? I know some have some negative thoughts, and I am just curious as to why. I can see it as an opportunity to possibly be able to make a little bit of money off of using them for a graphic novel use, or a specifically themed gallery or larger file sizes. Especially if people are not inclined to follow a specific artist on Patreon or similar sites. The plus side is that it does allow for the upload of videos. The down side is gifs aren’t supported (which I don’t generally use). Anyway let me know your opinions, I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on it, or even if you have alternatives that work better to actually reach people.

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I would estimate the expectation to be about 1 to 3% of your followers would convert to paid subscribers.

I’m all for the enterprise of monetizing art. Personally, I won’t spend money on DeviantArt for anything except prints. I’ll never spend $ on a jpg. My philosophy is that anyone that produces art worth paying for has a better platform than DeviantArt to show their work.

But, with every single attempt to monetize art, you need to invest in marketing to make money. Simply posting and praying won’t generate income. You would need to take the time to go out and bring customers in. With the new deviant art showcases, no one is going to stumble on your work or see it by accident. Find a way to get to them and sell them on your page.


I agree with phezian’s comments about premium galleries on Deviant Art.

There is no artist on Deviant Art worth spending money to see their gallery and that includes my own works. Whenever I see those blurred images on my feed I report each and every single one of them as spam. Because that’s exactly what they are. Advertising.

Now ArtStation… maybe.

Doesn’t mean I don’t support artists. But I support several via their patreon pages. Definitely not DeviantArt.

I’ve also bought an artists’ physical goods.

I’m a huge, huge fan of Sukabu. He’s a Japanese artist making some incredibly realistic digital art of cyborgs and androids. I’m completely in awe of the mechanical engineering he puts into his works.

I’ve got every single piece of work he’s ever produced, but to support him I set up an account so I could buy his art book when it came out in 2019. I’m still getting the Amazon Japan spam too. LOL.

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I don’t like galleries where the user who posts an image cannot control the comments below them.

I would never pay, buy or use rendo galleries.

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DAZ, Rendo, and even Renderotica’s galleries are nothing but advertising for the stores. And the fact that they require you to PAY for the privilege of uploading your advertising I mean artwork adds insult to injury.