Did DAZ fire their marketing person?

Did DAZ fire their marketing person and hire back the old one?

I have spent more these past two-weeks than I have in the past 12 months.

March Madness certainly started off quite dull and rocky for the first week to two-weeks but then… holy crap!

  • Sales that were actually interesting
  • Products that were actually interesting
  • Flash sales covering items in my wish list

My budget and credit card is just about tapped-out!

I mean the sales have been great and the products have actually been decent. There’s been some decent male characters! Some women characters that weren’t either porcelain dolls or barbie dolls, some decent buildings, some decent clothes, and some decent sci-fi gear to boot.

I want to say “Thank you! Keep it up!” to DAZ but I honestly don’t know if my wallet or my bank account can support that to be honest.

I still managed to keep it in my pants.

Wallet that is.

Some of the deals were too good though. It’s almost like someone was listening to me over there because I swear it seemed like everything I had been bitching about for the past year was suddenly coming true all at once this month. LOL! Sure, every day there’s a “New Young European Female” with no genitals, and every day those releases go on the “Ignore” list.

Anyhow, I’m sure things will be back to normal come April.

Even if they’re not I’m pretty much tapped out for the rest of the year. Come April everything is going on the wishlist and it better be discounted really deep before I buy it. Unless it’s something incredibly useful like that Turbo Loader script from yesterday.

Oh I agree, I seem to be buying more now especially. I do love the good sales when you can get them.

they seem to be getting better at spectacularly messing up prices, I bought some stuff yesterday filtering by percentage off using DAZ Deals as there were so many categories only to find out later there was a glitch.

Now am half expecting an email asking to pay the difference or return it which is what I likely will do, return my whole cart.

Apparently that’s the policy now, it hasn’t come yet but if and when it does you can be sure I will never trust a price in that store again and will find not buying anything much easier.

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I haven’t been excited by March Madness in a long time. This year was apparently no different. Did I actually miss anything?