Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Representation matters. The World is not European. I’m sick of seeing white-washed product pages all over the place.

This post aims to highlight and bring attention to those 3D figures and characters that are not white, because diversity & inclusion matters, and the World is not European. Young 3D artists from around the World deserve to have access to products and see promotional images that are representative of themselves or their culture.

Unlike my other post which aims to highlight those characters and products that are anatomically correct, this post doesn’t care about that. What matter is if the character or figure is non-European. If you know of a figure or character for sale that is not European, please let me know by replying below or sending me a PM! I want this to be an open and collaborative effort.

Also, I can’t do this alone. There are simply too many products and too many marketplaces for one person to keep track of. So if you’d like to help out I’d greatly appreciate it! Feel free to PM me or reply with any contributions, suggestions, or corrections.

Last, this post is not aimed to be discriminatory or exclusatory in any way. It’s simply meant to highlight non-European characters for those artists looking for more diversity in their works. And hopefully to encourage a little more diversity in the 3D marketplace because quite frankly there’s many more flavors of ice cream other than vanilla.

Note: Non-human characters are not included.

Character Gender Notes
Aakash HD for Kala 8 :womens:
Abnus for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Ahmunet for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Ai HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Aiisha HD For Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Amethyst 8 for G8F :womens:
Anakku for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Aniyah for Darcy 8 :womens:
BD Oshun And Her Outfit For Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Berenice HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Botan HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
CB Selah HD for Alawa 8 :womens:
Chamani for Nida 8 :womens:
Dandara For G8F And G8.1F :womens:
Darcy 8 :womens:
Dasia G3F and V7 :womens:
Eden for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Emiyo HD for Mei Lin 8 :womens:
FW Laverne HD for Monique 8 :womens:
FWSA Amara HD for Mika 8 :womens:
Gou Luk Bundle :womens:
Gu Yu and Gu Yu Hair for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Hann Mei and Hann Mei Short Hair for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Hua Character And Hair for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
HP Uki for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
HP Yuka for Aiko 8 :womens:
Hyorin for Mei Lin 8 :womens:
Jada 8.1 Female :womens:
Jael for G8 and G8.1 Females :womens:
Jemila for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Jinx Jones 8.1 :womens:
Kala 8 :womens:
Kasai HD for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female :womens:
Kendra for Monique 6 :womens:
Keyana for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Lavonne HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Leyna for Genesis 8 Male :womens: Note
Louisiana HD for Genesis 8 and Darcy 8 :womens:
Maddy HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Makeda G8F :womens:
Mama T HD for Nida 8 :womens:
Manette for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Mariko For G8/G8.1 Female :womens:
MbM Imani for Genesis 3 & 8 Female :womens:
Miku Nakano for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Mio Character and Mio Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females :womens:
Miss B G8F :womens:
Mei Lin 8 :womens:
Momona Kito for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Monique 6 :womens:
Monique 8 :womens:
Nakia For Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Neko HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Nida 8 :womens:
Noska 8.1 :womens:
Omari for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Pix Izarra for Genesis 3 Female :womens:
Pix Twylite HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
QX Chooli for Eva 8 :womens:
Reizi for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Rio HD for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Rosita for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female :womens:
RY Darya for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
SBibb Rukodzi for Celani 8 :womens:
SC Jiao for Teen Kaylee 8 and Teen Josie 8 :womens:
Sera HD for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Shangrila for Genesis 3 and 8 Female :womens:
Shiina Character and Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Sukai 8 :womens:
Tomiko for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
VYK Phoenix for G8F 8.1 :womens:
VYK Zuri HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
WkD3D Maysoon for G8F :womens:
Xion HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Xochil for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Xue and Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female :womens:
Xxandra HD for Genesis 8 Female :womens:
Zenobia for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female :womens:
Zuri for Darcy 8 :womens:


Thanks to @bytescapes for the generous contributions!

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Phx Chantalle and Phx Ohanzi are people of color. And the current project I’m working on will be a person(or two) of color as well. About half my Daz3d catalog is populated with POCs.

I guess that has largely to do with how many stereotypes are sought for non-white characters vs white characters. There are enough options within the few stereotypes for which non-white characters are sought for. So unless there is demand for filling white stereotypes with non-white characters (which is driven my factors beyond the realm of 3D art), any new non-white character would still have to compete with its peers for the few stereotypes that allow their representation.

Interesting point, thank you. I’m just looking to highlight those non-European characters to (a) draw attention to them, (b) hopefully reduce the white washing going forward, and (c) provide a resource for people looking lor this type of content.

I forgot to add, when many of us PAs use 3d.sk photo resources for our texture work, the majority of royalty free photos offered for sale there are of white individuals. Are there other sites where different photo sets can be purchased? Yes, but for many years, 3d.sk was a relatively reasonably priced resource.

I’m sure if PAs asked for more diverse photo resources 3dsk and others would deliver? (I don’t know but it does seem logical to me.)

3d.sk is based in Slovakia. Their photo references tend to reflect their population.

Daz3d/Rendo vendors are a small portion of their customer base(I would be surprised if 50-75 vendors currently have memberships with them). That’s not enough of a voice to get them to change their current business model, which is usually to pull people off the street to photograph.

Yes, Daz3d just announced a “partnership” with them, but notice how Daz3d is not mentioned on their website.

Then it is incumbent on 3dsk’s customers (you, and other PAs) to demand they diversify their textures. :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for any other vendor but myself. I cancelled my membership to 3d.sk years ago for lack of diversity and scattershot quality on photo sets… Making 3d content is not my main source of income, so I have the “luxury” of making what interests me(and I have 11 years of sales data to back this up).

Whenever I make a male character, I am choosing to take a financial hit. Every time I make a female of color, I am choosing to take a financial hit. If this was my main source of income, the ethnic breakdown of my catalog would skew to white, European females.

It is also incumbent on the customer base to vote with their wallet. PAs would not continue to make white, European females if they did not sell. While I cannot speak for other vendors, I am confident in saying that there probably is no vendor out there going, “Gee, Becky Sue for G8F just sold really poorly. I think I’ll do another really similar!” :slightly_smiling_face:

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