Fantasy Entry for Daz Contest

Snuck this in under the wire, but it’s not really a contender. I used lensflare ffs. It was fun to put the pieces together for this but I know the caliber of the Daz artists that will be competitors and this isn’t even close.


“Snuck in under the wire?”

Unless I’m reading it wrong, you have until August 3rd, so you have time to submit other entries if you wish.

I like the lighting and posing on this, although, as you say, the caliber of the usual DAZ submissions is such that mere mortals have a hard time competing.

I dislike daz contests. No matter what the theme is a close up nostril view of a Vicky hamming it up for the camera seems to always win. Close up pics of expressionless women just don’t seem to make very interesting subject matter to me.

not quite as snuck under the wire as I thought. Had the dates wrong on this one. Plenty of time to add some more crappy entries like this one:

Your renders aren’t crappy! Also, I really like that one. Great fire!

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I like that one. It has a bit of a Georges de La Tour feel to it, with that single light source.

Er … if de La Tour had painted tiny dragons which, as far as I know, he didn’t.

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It was the Slushe monthly contest that had a july 16 date. They’re contest is sexy SFW - to me SFW means not objectifying. To them it means covering the nips and bits. This is one of my two entries there. The other is the same postcard as my entry for the fun in the sun contest here.