Fashion Poses for G8M

And he’s back.

Dude does NOT know his market at all.

And how the hell does a product page like that get published?

You probably already have every single one of those poses. I know I do. Poses have to be for something unique for me to even want to consider buying them. Using hand tools. That would be unique. LOL. But fashion? Jesus. I probably have two-dozen copies of the exact same pose because everyone and their mother produces “fashion” poses.

At least when DZ came out with his male fashion poses they didn’t look like female fashion poses that were re-rendered with G8M.

Now, about those promo images though…

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If he sold it at daz store I’m pretty sure this would be bundled with a pro pack. Every-time I buy a pro figure there is a pack of unremarkable male poses included. I’ve started uninstalling them